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Shima Onsen Sekizen Honkan

Shimaonsen Sekizenkan

Gunma / Shima onsen / ryokan

It's like the world of "Spirited Away". Enjoy Shima Onsen at an extraordinary hot onsen ryokan

Shima Onsen Sekizen Honkan is located on the banks of the Shinyukawa River. It is a historic ryokan founded in 1694, and its appearance is reminiscent of the bathhouse in Spirited Away. The guest rooms are divided into three buildings: the retro hot spring inn "Main Building," the cultural heritage building "Mountain Villa," and the luxurious "Kashotei," so you can choose the style of your stay. At the four baths, you can enjoy the natural hot spring onsen of Shima Onsen.


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At a historic onsen ryokan
2 days and 1 night with him

Tomomi, who traveled to Shima onsen as a couple, will introduce her experience when she actually stayed at Shima Onsen Sekizen Honkan.

First day


About 10 minutes by car to the inn

plenty of nature
Stroll around the Shima onsen area

The Shima onsen area Gunma is a treasure trove of nature. Marvel at the spectacular cobalt blue views at Oku-Shima Lake and Shima no Pothole, or take a stroll through the retro streets of Ochiai-dori. Let's relax and enjoy sightseeing with him♪



Early 30s / Working at a photo studio

Stayed in May 2021

I drove to Shimagawa Dam (Lake Okushima). The fresh green was beautiful and I enjoyed nature.



Arrive at the inn

Remnants of the Genroku Era
Arrive at Sekizenkan

Arrived at "Shima Onsen Sekizen Honkan". After crossing the bright red “Keiun Bridge”, you will be greeted by a charming building built in the 4th year of the Genroku era. You will feel as if you have slipped back in time to the stately appearance that makes you feel the history.


The lobby is spacious and clean, and has a warm scent, perhaps because of the aroma. The staff kindly explained the structure of the building.



feel peace of mind
To the relaxing guest room

The guest rooms are divided into three buildings. "Honkan" where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a good old-fashioned hot spring resort, "Yamaso" with a retro Showa era with beautiful kumiko shoji, and "Kashotei" which is full of luxury. If you are traveling as a girl, we recommend staying at the Sanso, where you can enjoy a modern Japanese atmosphere.


Stayed in a standard guest room at a "mountain villa". It was a room where the kumiko shoji was left as it was at the time in the atmospheric space of the cultural property. I am very satisfied to stay in a retro room like Sekizenkan.



In "History Tour"
Experience the history of Sekizenkan

A historical tour held on certain days of the week. The owner of the inn will tell you about Sekizenkan, Shima onsen, and the history of hot springs. After the tour, you will feel special and enjoy your stay.


At four hot springs
Enjoy Shima onsen

You can enjoy the "Shima Onsen" hot spring onsen from the source in four baths, including a modern large bath, an open-air rock bath, and a private bath. In particular, the large bath "Genroku-no-Yu", which is a registered tangible cultural property of the country, is recommended for its historical feel.


"Genroku no Yu" is not only beautiful in its retro style, but also unique in that it has a dressing room and onsen built in the old style, and there is a sauna for one person.



Taste the essence of Japanese
Kaiseki cuisine that lets you feel the season

Dinner will be served at meal and will be a kaiseki dinner with a variety of seasonal vegetables from Shimanto. The beautifully presented seasonal dishes are sure to stimulate your conversation. Guests staying in the "Honkan" will receive a "Sekizen bento" which can be enjoyed in the guest room.


I got the "Seasonal Kaiseki". The meat was especially delicious, and I was personally surprised by the technique of engraving the name "Sekizenkan" on the kombu soup (laughs).



lit up
The main building is a must-see!

At night, the main building is fantastically lit up. A gorgeous scene like that one scene from "Spirited Away" emerges, inviting you to an extraordinary experience.


At night, the "main building" is lit up, so I enjoyed looking at it. Many other guests also came to see it with their cameras in hand.

the 2nd day


in an open-air bath
Have a refreshing morning

Wake up a little early in the morning and enjoy onsen. Spend a refreshing time in the "Mori no Yu" baths, where you can enjoy the seasonal nature. The comfort of being one with nature will purify your body and mind.


When I woke up in the morning, it was so beautiful to see the morning sun shining on the shoji screens in the window, and I was glad that I stayed at this historic inn.



Healthy Japanese breakfast
Feeling warm

Breakfast is a Japanese set served at the meal. Carefully prepared dishes such as grilled fish, boiled dishes, and incense dishes will slowly soak into your body. The nice thing is that you can enjoy white rice with porridge ◎


I had Japanese food as well as dinner. There were many items, and they were all delicious and filling.


leave the inn

Enjoy the atmosphere of the inn
check out

After breakfast, you can take pictures of the inside of the building and try drinking the hot springs in the lobby. Spend your time as you please, such as purchasing souvenirs unique to Sekizenkan at the souvenir shop.


I had a lot of fun walking around the historic building, and there was a drinking onsen, and I was told that drinking it in the morning was good for my health, so I had a lot of fun.

Return trip15:00

A historic inn and onsen
2 days of healing

Two days spent at a historic onsen ryokan. Relax in a Japanese-style guest room and enjoy Shima onsen. One more wonderful memory with him increased♪


With him, it's a standard to relax in a onsen at an inn instead of sightseeing so much, but it was the perfect inn.

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Shima onsen Inn Recommended for Couples


Gunma 4236 Shimaunko, Nakanojo Town, Agatsuma-gun
40 minutes by car from Nakanojo Station on the Agatsuma Line, get off at the last stop and 25 minutes by car/Shibukawa Ikaho IC → R17 → R353, about 39 km and 60 minutes
No transportation
Parking available
About 50 cars (free, first-come-first-served basis)
Facility information
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onsen and baths

  • Big bath
  • Open-air bath
  • Private bath



  • Beauty Salons & Massage

Food & Drink

Baby & Children

Room Information

  • Japanese-style room
  • Japanese-Western style room
  • Western-style room
  • Internet available
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Guest room with open-air bath

Other facilities within the building

  • Laundry Corner
  • Gift shop


  • tv set
  • refrigerator
  • slipper
  • Safety deposit box
  • yukata
  • toothbrush
  • shampoo
  • rinse
  • Body Soap
  • towel
  • bath towel
  • Hairdryer
  • Tea Set

*Facilities and amenities displayed are those for which confirmation has been confirmed.

hygiene management

If you need confirmation in advance, please contact the facility.

Other facility information

Please be careful when making a reservation, as there are separate pages for making reservations for "Main Building" and "Sanso/Kashotei".

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