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Hotel Musse Ginza Meitetsu

Hotel Musse Ginza Meitetsu

Tokyo /Ginza/Business hotel

A Ginza hotel with a breakfast buffet featuring small dishes. Plenty of amenities for women

"Hotel Musse Ginza Meitetsu" is a hotel with a bright and soft atmosphere. Located about 6 minutes on foot from Shimbashi Station and Ginza Station, it is an ideal base for shopping, gourmet food, theater, etc. Among all 223 rooms, the one that is especially recommended is the Musse Balcony Double. A room where you can relax and enjoy the view of Tokyo Tower.


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A couple trip at a hotel in the city center ◎
2 days and 1 night stay in Ginza

A woman who visited Ginza with her husband will introduce the course when they actually stayed at "Hotel Musse Ginza Meitetsu".

First day


You can feel special♪
Hotel stay in Ginza

If you want to have a special date, how about Ginza? It has a calm atmosphere and is recommended for adult couples. It is an area where you can enjoy shopping and gourmet food, and it is fun to walk around the city. After the date, relax at a nice hotel.



clerical work

Stayed December 2021

Lunch at "Tokyu Plaza" before going to the accommodation. After that, we watched the planetarium at "Planetaria TOKYO".


Arrive at the inn

Hotel check-in

Hotel Musse Ginza Meitetsu has a stylish exterior. It is about 6 minutes on foot from Ginza station and has excellent access. The front lobby with a bright atmosphere welcomes you with a nice interior. It is the beginning of an extraordinary experience that you can enjoy at a hotel in the city.


Check in at 15:00. I borrowed a curling iron from the front desk.


bright and refreshing
looking out from the room

Single, double and twin rooms are available. The "Musse Balcony Double" on the top floor has a glass window of about 3.5m that creates a sense of openness. Relax with a view of Tokyo Tower. There are facilities only for this room, so it feels special ◎


The top floor "Musse Balcony Double" had a sense of openness with high ceiling glass windows. It is equipped with a Nespresso coffee machine and a high-performance humidifier, giving it a special feeling.



About 3 minutes on foot from the inn

Leisurely stroll

GINZA SIX, where luxury brands are available, is just a short walk from the hotel. You can enjoy both shopping and gourmet food, and enjoy a festive mood. If you get tired of walking, take a break at the cafe.


Since "GINZA SIX" is close, I searched for books at "Tsutaya Bookstore" and went to "BONGEN COFFEE" to buy coffee after a short walk.



About 6 minutes on foot from the inn

Enjoy dinner in Ginza
to a nice restaurant

The inn does not serve dinner. There are many restaurants in the area, so eating out is not a problem. "MARK CAFE & GRILL", where you can enjoy piping hot meat dishes and charcoal coffee, has a bright and welcoming atmosphere.


We went out and had a course meal at "MARK CAFE & GRILL".


I feel so much better
relax in the bathroom

When you come back to the inn, wash away the fatigue of the day. The bathroom is a functional unit bath. Depending on the room, fragrant bath salts and basic cosmetics from Mikimoto Cosmetics are also available.


in simple loungewear
relax time

After taking a bath, change into comfortable white room wear and relax. In addition, all rooms are equipped with the “Slumberland” bed, a purveyor to the British royal family. Let's get a good night's sleep for tomorrow♪


I spent the night in my room.

the 2nd day


About 10 minutes on foot from the inn

in the morning walk
To a shrine standing in the city

How about taking a walk in Ginza while enjoying the fresh morning air? If you visit the Hodo Inari Shrine, which is located in the back alley of Ginza 4-chome, you will feel strangely dignified.


I woke up early and took a walk to Hodo Inari Shrine in Ginza 4-chome. Although it is a small Inari shrine, it seems to have tremendous power.



At "Ginza Breakfast Lab"
Enjoy the small bowl buffet

After returning to the inn, go to the 2nd floor restaurant "Ginza Breakfast Lab" equipped with a live kitchen. You can enjoy a small bowl buffet style breakfast. It's a colorful breakfast that makes you look forward to the morning. Let's have shabu-shabu etc. elegantly ◎


I had breakfast at "Ginza Breakfast Lab". You can enjoy shabu-shabu from the live kitchen from the morning at the breakfast that ranked first in the OZ mall buffet category.



leave the inn

on a stylish sofa
Commemorative photo

Relax in your room until check-out. You can also rent out hair irons and other items, so you can style your hair with peace of mind. The stylish sofa in the lobby looks great in photos. Be sure to take a commemorative photo before returning home.

Return trip11:30

stay in a nice hotel
Refresh for two

"Hotel Musse Ginza Meitetsu" where you can spend a quiet time in the city center. A sophisticated hotel where you can refresh yourself from the fatigue of everyday life. Enjoy a hotel stay and walk around Ginza, and have a memorable time.

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7-12-9 Ginza, Chuo Tokyo
About 6 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line "Ginza Station" Exit A3 About 6 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Toei Asakusa Line "Higashi Ginza Station" Exit A1 About 6 minutes on foot from JR Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line "Shimbashi" About 6 minutes on foot from Ginza Exit Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Toei Asakusa Line "Shimbashi Station" About 6 minutes on foot from Exit A3 Tokyo Rinkai New Transit Rinkai Line (Yurikamome) "Shimbashi Station" about 6 minutes on foot
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Parking available
Facility information
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onsen and baths



  • Beauty Salons & Massage

Food & Drink

  • restaurant
  • bar

Baby & Children

Room Information

  • Western-style room
  • Internet available
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Connecting room
  • Universal Room

Other facilities within the building

  • Laundry Corner
  • convenience store
  • Cleaning service


  • tv set
  • refrigerator
  • Air conditioning
  • slipper
  • Safety deposit box
  • Toilet with washing machine
  • pajamas
  • toothbrush
  • Razor
  • face wash
  • shampoo
  • rinse
  • Body Soap
  • towel
  • bath towel
  • Hairdryer
  • Tea Set
  • Electric pot
  • humidifier

*Facilities and amenities displayed are those for which confirmation has been confirmed.

Other facility information

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