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Yado Nakaya

Hamabenoyu Roman no Uta Yado Nakaya

Chiba /Kamogawa, Minamiboso/ ryokan

An inn where you can relax in the natural onsen on the premises while admiring the vast panorama of "Kinosaki Coast"

"Yado Nakaya" spreads out in front of the "Kinosaki coast". All rooms offer a beautiful panorama of the sea. In guest rooms with open-air baths and large communal baths, you can enjoy the luxurious free-flowing "Kinosaki hot spring" that wells up on the premises. In addition, you will be surprised at the luxury of the dinner where you can enjoy the bounty of the mountains and seas of Boso.


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Enjoy Kamogawa with your family♪
Two days of a family trip that will make you smile

Chii, who went on a family trip with her husband, 6-year-old daughter, and nearly 4-year-old son, will introduce the course when she actually stayed at Yado Nakaya.

First day


What kind of trip is exciting ♪
A lively family trip begins

Depart for Kamogawa by car from home. The chii family keeps their destination a secret from their children when they go out. "Where are we going?"


About 7 minutes by car to the inn

Be amazed by the powerful show!
"Kamogawa Sea World"

"Kamogawa Sea World" is an aquarium where sea creatures of various sizes live in 18 areas. The atmosphere changes dramatically in each area, and there is plenty to see, so even adults can fully enjoy themselves. Don't miss the show of killer whales splashing flashy water!



Early 30s / Housewife

Stayed in August 2021

I was very happy to see the children wide-eyed and overjoyed when they saw the fish swimming freely and the mysterious jellyfish. The killer whale show was also an impressive storm!



Arrive at the inn

Enjoy family gatherings
Ocean view inn

We chose Yado Nakaya as a place where you can fully enjoy your time as a family in an inn with open-air baths and meal in semi-private rooms. When you open the door, you will be greeted by a spacious lobby and seasonal decorations.


The kind, polite and pleasant service is impressive. I was worried that the children would be too excited and annoyed, but Mr. Nakai treated me kindly and both of us seemed happy.



Delighted with hot onsen and scenery
A room where you can fully relax with children

There are many rooms where families can relax, such as the Japanese-style room "Ya" with a modern Japanese atmosphere, and the luxurious rooms "Hoshizora no Uta" and "Yuugaeno Umi" with half open-air baths overlooking the sea. The extraordinary space will fill your children with smiles.


Stayed at the romantic Hollywood twin "Nen". "There is a bath! You can see the sea!" I was also very happy with the stuffed animal that was in the washstand.



In the guest room open-air overlooking the sea
Family onsen time

Before dinner, enjoy the guest room open-air bath overlooking the sea. You will be healed from the tiredness of walking a lot during sightseeing. After onsen, change into a yukata and relax. There are also yukata for children, so it's nice that the whole family can immerse themselves in the unique travel atmosphere of a onsen inn.


Very happy to share
Exquisite kaiseki meal with a perfect score

Kaiseki meal with plenty of seafood in a semi-private room "Rin". There are so many items lined up that even if you share them with your children, they will be full. There is also a paid children's menu divided into elementary school students and older and infants, so please inquire in advance.


The items looked beautiful and were carefully made, and they were very delicious. It was nice to be able to enjoy it slowly in a semi-private room.



in a large hot onsen bath
Relaxation time for parents and children

After your meal, enjoy the Kinosaki Gensen-no-Yu, which is the source of the hot spring on the premises. In addition to spacious public baths and open-air baths, there is also a reservation-only private open-air bath that is great for family trips. Adults and children alike will be healed to the core in a paradise space where you can forget about everyday life.


My husband and son went to the guest room open-air bath, and my daughter and I went to the large public bath. The public bath was large and clean, and the hot water was just right. In the open-air bath, you can enjoy onsen while looking at the night sky.

the 2nd day


My stomach and heart are full of happiness♪
Recharge your energy with breakfast

Recharge your energy for the second day with a hearty breakfast at Roku. Sea bream egg over rice and a variety of small bowls will gently fill your stomach and heart. The dressing used in the breakfast salad can be purchased at the shop and is perfect as a souvenir.


After getting up early and taking a walk on the beach in front of the inn, I had breakfast. The healthy and nutritious menu and the deliciousness of each dish lifted my spirits from the morning.



Play to your heart's content!
Summer only "garden pool"

Have fun playing in the "Garden Pool", which is only available during the summer season. There are separate pools for adults and children, so you can play with peace of mind. Adults can also relax on deck chairs by the pool. It is also convenient to take a shower from the pool and go directly to the large public bath.


leave the inn

Lottery for sweets...
good times till the end

An ocean view, a hot onsen, and a pool where you can play to your heart's content. At the time of check-out, there are small sweets such as candy and a lottery service, and the smiles of the children continue until the end.


My husband said, "The open-air bath in the guest room was good, and the food was delicious." The children said, "I definitely want to come again!"


About 1 minute on foot from the inn

Crazy about interacting with the sea
Surfing on the Kinosaki coast

After checking out, play on the beach at Kinosaki Beach, which spreads out in front of the inn. At low tide, rocky areas and tide pools are full of crabs, hermit crabs, small fish, and large seaweed. Interacting with sea creatures is fun for parents and children to become absorbed in.


It was so much fun that I wanted to travel for the purpose of playing on the beach! After that, we ate the famous "Oraga-don" and sashimi set meal at "Uomasa" in the tatami room.


Return trip14:00

A lot of fun memories♪
Two days enjoyed with family

Two days to fully enjoy the seaside inn. Playing on the beach in front of your eyes, swimming in the pool, and onsen that can be used by the whole family... At Nakaya, where both adults and children can enjoy themselves to their heart's content, the whole family can refresh themselves.

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Enjoy your time together at a seaside inn
Two days to relax as a couple

Mr. saya, who enjoyed a trip to Kamogawa with his wife, will introduce the course when he actually stayed at "Yado Nakaya".

First day


About 2.5 hours by train and bus from Tokyo Station to the inn

By "Limited Express Wakashio"
Depart for a seaside couple's trip

Board the "Limited Express Wakashio" and depart for a couple's trip to enjoy the healing of the sea. It takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes from Tokyo Station to Awa Kominato Station, which is the nearest station to the inn. As you ride the train, you can gradually see the sea of Boso outside the window.



Late 20s / Office worker

Stayed October 2022

Before going to the inn, go to "Kamogawa Sea World". I was surprised at how clever the beluga⁡ stayed still while I was taking pictures! The sea was beautiful and the animals were cute and healed.



Arrive at the inn

Healed by superb views and onsen
Arrive at seaside inn

Return to the station and take the shuttle to Hamabe no Yado Nakaya Kinosaki Coast and a warm lobby. Take a break and enjoy the welcome service before checking in.


Relax with a sea view
A relaxing space where you can choose between Japanese and Western styles

You can choose your preference between Japanese or Western-style rooms. All rooms have large windows with magnificent views of the ocean. Another nice point is that the drinks in the refrigerator are free. Relax with your partner while listening to the sound of the waves.


Stayed at Sunset Deluxe Twin "Umibe no Machi". You can see the sea from the window and enjoy the extraordinary while listening to the sound of the waves. The sun setting over the sea was so beautiful.



Abalone, sea bream, spiny lobster
Luxurious kaiseki meal to taste Minamiboso

Dinner at the semi-private room "Rin" is a multi-course meal with fresh seafood as the main course. A line-up of carefully selected dishes such as grilled abalone, beef steak, spiny lobster and sea bream shabu-shabu, and golden-eyed snapper... are sure to create a luxurious evening for the couple. Also noteworthy are the tableware, which changes with the seasons.


I had a kaiseki kaiseki simmered red snapper. The boiled red snapper was so exquisite that I ate it without saying a word, and the abalone dancing and lobster sashimi were unforgettable.



In an open-air bath for two
Immersed in the source

The rooms with open-air baths are luxuriously natural hot springs. Enjoy a relaxing time together as a couple with the soothing sounds of the waves in the background. There is also a spacious private open-air bath in the building, so you can enjoy a blissful time just for the two of you.


onsen has a thick texture, and I felt that it has a beautiful skin effect. Because it is a bath in the guest room, the two of us could spend a relaxing time without worrying about being seen.


the 2nd day


The sea dyed in the morning sun
An elegant morning seen from onsen

On the second day, get up a little early and watch the sunrise from onsen. The "Kinosaki source spring water" that springs up on the premises is characterized by its soft texture. The gentle hot water and superb view will gradually fill you with happiness from the morning. It feels good to stretch your legs to your heart's content in the public bath.


TKG with sea bream is also available♪
Breakfast with a variety of small bowls

Breakfast at "Rin" is a luxurious breakfast with plenty of side dishes. A variety of small bowls of rice, such as dried fish, Tianjin hijiki, homemade tofu, and salted squid, will fill your stomach and heart. The egg over rice topped with sea bream sashimi is also excellent! Enjoy a luxurious morning at ryokan.


From the morning, I was treated to a luxurious meal, such as Ise lobster miso, sea bream sashimi, and handmade tofu. Not only seafood but also vegetables and yogurt were delicious.



leave the inn

Enjoy your healing time
leave the inn

Before check-out, relax and unwind. Take a relaxing bath in your room, enjoy the view, or take a walk along Kinosaki Beach. You'll be able to refresh yourself from the fatigue of everyday life.


About 30 minutes by bus and on foot from the inn

At the long-established sushi restaurant "Matsuzushi"
Enjoy local fish from Kamogawa fishing port

After taking a stroll along the Maebara Coast, which is close to Awa-Kamogawa Station, enjoy sushi at the long-established restaurant Matsuzushi. Nigiri and seafood rice bowls using fresh local fish caught at Kamogawa fishing port are popular. Check out the "Today's Recommended Local Fish," which changes daily.


The sushi was fresh and excellent. "NONKY'S CAFE", which I stopped by on the way, had an atmosphere like an Aloha cafe, and I felt like I was in a foreign country.


Return trip14:00

Luxurious seafood with a superb view of the sea...
Two days to fully enjoy Kamogawa

Two days of a couple's trip, enjoying an inn on the banks of the Kinosaki coast. In a Japanese space with a view of the sea, you can soak in the private hot spring and enjoy the seafood to your heart's content... Spending a special time at the beach will heal your mind and body to the core.

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Impressed by the large panorama of the sea...
Two days to enjoy onsen and seafood

Kaaao_ws16, who enjoyed a girls' trip with two friends, will introduce the course when she actually stayed at Yado Nakaya.

First day


About 1 hour and 50 minutes by public transportation to the inn

Take a bus from Chiba Station
Refreshing girls' trip

Depart from Chiba Station using a pre-purchased express bus "Kapina" round-trip ticket and "Kamogawa Sea World" admission ticket set. It's the start of a girls' trip with plenty of refreshment♪


About 7 minutes by car to the inn

At "Kamogawa Sea World"
healed by sea creatures

"Kamogawa Sea World" where you can meet cute sea creatures. Enjoy a powerful killer whale show, and be healed by dolphins and penguins. Let's fully enjoy the extraordinary space.


Arrive at the inn

In an inn where you can feel the sea breeze
check in

We arrived at Yado Nakaya where the Kinosaki Coast spreads out before our eyes. Once you take off your shoes at the entrance, you will instantly feel relaxed. If you rent a yukata in your favorite color for a fee, you'll feel even more excited about your trip♪



Late 30s / Food service industry

Stayed in September 2020

I took a taxi from Kamogawa Sea World to the inn.


All rooms with ocean view
Relax in a chic space

All of the chic guest rooms have ocean views, and some even have an open-air bath. Sit by the window and relax in a luxurious, special seat. Watching the waves crashing on the shore and the sun setting will help to purify your everyday worries.


Stayed at "Nan". The view of the Kinosaki coast from the open-air bath in the room was amazing! There were plenty of coffee machines and drinks, and the amenities were substantial.



In the open-air onsen spring bath
Relax and unwind

Enjoy a blissful time overlooking the ocean from the guest rooms or the large open-air bath. A quiet time flows through your soul. There is also a "Sunset Lounge" in the hotel. Relax and watch the sunset while sipping coffee, herbal tea, and other drinks.


onsen has a thick and soft texture, making the skin moist and smooth.


Kaiseki of local production for local consumption
Taste the delicacies of the mountains and seas

Dinner in a semi-private meal room, such as the "Inari" restaurant, is kaiseki, which focuses on locally produced and consumed seafood caught fresh from the sea of Boso. The gorgeous selection of dishes, such as plump lobsters and abalone, will make your girls' trip a night to remember.


Every dish, such as Kazusa Wagyu stone-grilled and lobster and sea bream shabu-shabu, is exquisite and filling. Especially, the abalone dance grill was big and plump and I was impressed!



onsen that springs up on the premises
Luxuriously flowing directly from the source

Enjoy the free-flowing "Kinosaki Gensen-no-Yu" in the large public bath. onsen with a close friend is likely to lead to deep conversations. If you stay in a room with a shower booth, you can enjoy a private open-air bath overlooking the sea for free.


In the open-air bath, the sound of the waves and the sea breeze make you feel comfortable. A concert was being held in the lobby and nice music was playing.

the 2nd day


While gazing at the glittering sea
Wake up luxuriously in onsen

If you choose a room with an open-air bath, you can enjoy onsen as soon as you wake up in the morning. Let's spend a luxurious morning soothing to the core while gazing at the sea glittering in the morning sun.


Freshly cooked claypot rice and
Breakfast with plenty of local vegetables

For breakfast, you can enjoy healthy meal such as local vegetables harvested in the morning and homemade tofu at the restaurant “Rin”. If you put sea bream sashimi on top of rice cooked in an earthenware pot and eat it with an egg in soup stock, you will be mesmerized by its deliciousness.


leave the inn

buy a souvenir
check out

After checking the shop, I left the inn. You can buy souvenirs for your family or yourself because the proprietress's products are lined up. You can leave your luggage after check-out, so you can enjoy sightseeing lightly.


He said, ``I will pick you up at the station when you return to the inn after sightseeing.'' After walking around in the heat, I was greeted with cold tea and an air-conditioned courtesy car.


About 11 minutes on foot from the inn

At "Tianjin Shinmeigu"
feel the quiet power

To "Tianjin Shinmeigu" known as a power spot. It is said that this shrine is said to bring good luck and good luck in matchmaking, so if you are traveling as a girl, you should definitely drop by here. You can also experience sutra copying at Tanjoji, which is about a 7-minute drive away. Have a quiet time with your heart.

Return trip12:00

Refresh your mind and body
Two days of plenty of healing

Cute sea animals, onsen overlooking the sea, gorgeous seafood... 2 days that completely refreshed my mind and body. I'm sure you'll be fine from tomorrow too♪

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Chiba 3287 Amatsu, Kamogawa City
5 minutes by car from JR Sotobo Line Awa Kominato Station.
Shuttle service available
Shuttle service to Awakominato Station is available. Please contact us in advance or call the inn when you arrive.
Parking available
You can use the nearby pay parking lot for free (15:00 to 10:30 the next day). Stop the car once in front of the entrance and move with the guidance of the staff.
Facility information
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  • Toilet with washing machine
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