9 Tokyo Capsule Hotels For Women that Feel Like a Secret Base!

9 Tokyo Capsule Hotels For Women that Feel Like a Secret Base!


A capsule hotel with a strong image of being exclusively for men. Recently, there are more and more safe and fashionable places that are easy for women to use. A small space is like a secret base, which is exciting. It is perfect not only as an inn for sightseeing in Tokyo, but also in case of an emergency when you miss the last train. You can also stay at a capsule hotel! Because Imadoki's capsule hotels have ♡ such a charm that they grab the hearts of girls, we will introduce you to the best capsule hotels filled with excitement in Tokyo.

Even girls want to stay in capsule hotels!

Even girls want to stay in capsule hotels! 3,380,000

Capsule hotels are a culture that Japan boasts to the world. It is very popular among foreign tourists. It seems like a spaceship or a secret base, so many people "dare" to stay there. Recently, safe, clean, fashionable capsule hotels for women have opened one after another. It's a waste to keep it only for men and foreign tourists!

Big excitement in a small space♡

A big sense of excitement in a small space♡3380079

A capsule hotel that can be used for business trips, sightseeing, job hunting, live performances, and even at night when you miss the last train. However, today's capsule hotels are so attractive that you will want to stay for no reason ♡ Smart hospitality, cute spaces, etc... The excitement spreads infinitely in a small space. Because it is reasonably priced, it is also possible to stay for the “capsule hotel purpose” in search of an unexperienced excitement! In this article, we will introduce stylish capsule hotels in Tokyo that tickle women's hearts.

*The business status of each hotel may change, so please be sure to check the latest information on the official website.

A night to enjoy the present day (Shibuya/Aoyama area)

Shibuya and Aoyama area, where trends originate. In this area, there are a lot of the latest capsule hotels where you can enjoy the "modern". It's going to be an exciting night.


An extraordinary experience begins when you pass through the curtain


A quiet Japanese space in the hustle and bustle of Shibuya. Actually, this is a hotel called "NADESHIKO HOTEL SHIBUYA" operated by USEN (USEN-NEXT GROUP). This hotel has become a hot topic among female foreign tourists because it allows them to experience hospitality that is unique to Japan. Of course, Japanese people can also stay, so don't worry. A Japanese space is soothing, so there are times when you miss it so much. As long as you can enjoy it in Shibuya without going to ryokan.

The cute Japanese hospitality will make your heart skip a beat♡


Amenities you may be interested in include a hairbrush, toothbrush, cotton, ear plugs, DHC skin care set, and body towel inside a cute Japanese-patterned drawstring bag. What's even better is that you can receive this purse! It makes you feel better.

Enjoy the feeling of traveling in a colorful yukata


The inside of the capsule has a simple and chic atmosphere. The space is 1m wide and 2m long, which is slightly larger than a single bed, so you can turn around. It may be smaller than a hotel, but once you put on the colorful yukata, you'll feel like you're on a journey! Yukata are available to rent for free, and there are a wide variety of them. Choosing a yukata is also part of the fun. There is also Wi-Fi inside the building, so you can stay comfortably.

It's like going on onsen trip


There is even a large public bath! It's nice to relax and soothe your daily fatigue while gazing at the pink painting of Mt. Fuji. What's even more surprising is that there is a Hinoki bath and a Goemon bath. These are hard to find in Tokyo. You can enjoy the feeling of being on onsen trip.

*As of March 2024, all bathtubs other than the circulating bathtub are currently out of service.

Official details



Tokyo /Shibuya/Capsule Hotel

hotel fee
JPY from 5,300
10-5 Shinsencho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
About 13 minutes on foot from Shibuya Station

2.The Millennials Shibuya

Sensitive and fashionable space is stimulating

2. The Millennials Shibuya (3380040)

An evolutionary capsule hotel that advocates an "accommodation experience where you can see the future". There are plenty of facilities that you can use 24 hours a day, such as a workspace, kitchen, play zone, and bar counter. Located in Shibuya, the center of Japan's information dissemination, it is a place for highly sensitive people to interact! You will be stimulated and will spur your self-improvement.

Relax like your own room

2.The Millennials Shibuya (3380041)

If you have a single-level room, you don't have to worry about the top or bottom. The mattress has a reclining function that allows it to be used as a bed or a sofa. You can relax as if you were in your own room. It's a comfortable place that you'll want to stay in for a long time.

A comfortable stay while being excited by the state-of-the-art facilities

2.The Millennials Shibuya (3380080)

The guest rooms, which are called “the most advanced accommodation unit in the world”, have a sense of the near future. The screen instead of the door can project your own PC or smartphone screen, and it can be quickly transformed into a home theater. Even more surprising, when you wake up, instead of an alarm sound, it will wake you up with lights and bed reclining! Thanks to smart and stylish facilities, you can have a comfortable stay.

Beer and coffee are all free!

2.The Millennials Shibuya (3380042)

As our aim is to be a hotel that does more than just sleep, we offer a wide range of services. What's more, there is a free beer time in the evening, where you can drink beer for free! Thanks to the happy service, the atmosphere of the guests is also good. Even shy people can talk openly without hesitation♪ Coffee and cocoa are free, so even people who don't like alcohol will be happy!

Official details


The Millennials Shibuya (THE MILLENNIALS)

Tokyo /Shibuya/Business hotel

hotel fee
JPY from 11,115
1-20-13 Jinnan, Shibuya-Tokyo
About 6 minutes on foot from Shibuya Station

A night spent secluded in a bustling city (Azabu/Akasaka area)

The Azabu/Akasaka area is bustling with people all through the night. There are many elaborate capsule hotels in such an area. Why don't you spend an adult night in your own oasis?

3.nine hours Akasaka (nine hours Akasaka)

Expectations grow for its stylish appearance

3. Nine Hours Akasaka (Nine Hours Akasaka) 3380027

About 4 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Akasaka Station. As if the hustle and bustle of the past was a lie, a quiet area spreads out. Among them, “nine hours Akasaka” is a building with an advanced design that stands out. The smart and stylish appearance that overturns the concept of a capsule hotel will make your heart beat faster even before you enter.

It looks like a spaceship! Excitement cannot be hidden in the futuristic space

3. Nine Hours Akasaka (Nine Hours Akasaka) 3380028

A monotone capsule on a bare concrete floor. This inorganic feeling enhances the sense of the near future. Pass through randomly arranged capsule units like a maze to your own capsule. Inside the capsule, like a spaceship escape pot, it's simple. It is only the control knob of the room light and the outlet. Once you get into the minimalist capsule, it's time to enter your own world! You can enjoy a different feeling than usual, as if you returned to your childhood.

Satisfaction up with a spacious and clean water area

3. Nine Hours Akasaka (Nine Hours Akasaka) 3380029

The 9 shower booths in total are also smartly designed. It is spacious and clean because there are no unnecessary things. Amenities are standardized by the original brand "TAMANOHADA" by the luxury soap maker "Tama no Hada Soap". It's a smart hotel all the way, so you need to bring your own lotion. However, there are individual lockers, so you don't have to worry if you have a lot of luggage. In addition, there is a convenience store nearby, so there is no need to worry.

Check your sleep with sleep report!

3. Nine Hours Akasaka (Nine Hours Akasaka) 3380057

There is also an unusual service called "9h sleep fitscan". The quality of your sleep can be measured from body movements, snoring sounds, and images of your sleeping face. It's interesting to know about your sleep! Please try it out♪

Official details

nine hours Akasaka Sleep Lab (nine hours Akasaka)

Nine Hours Akasaka Sleep Lab

Tokyo / Akasaka / Capsule hotel

hotel fee
JPY from 4,322
4-3-14 Akasaka, Tokyo
About 2 minutes on foot from Akasaka Station 3 minutes from Akasaka Station, 5 minutes from Akasaka Mitsuke Station

4.First Cabin Akasaka

Feel free to escape to a private room space

4. First Cabin Akasaka 3380049

The compact hotel "First Cabin Akasaka" is located about 1 minute from the adult town Akasaka Station and about 6 minutes on foot from Akasaka Mitsuke Station. Due to the location, the atmosphere is so luxurious that you wouldn't expect it to be a capsule hotel. It's good to run away when you're tired of a noisy drinking party, or it's good to use it when you miss the last train. Feel free to spend a quiet and mature time.

A first-class space away from the hustle and bustle

4. First Cabin Akasaka 3380050

The inside of the hotel is not a capsule, but a cabin type. The floors are separated by gender for a sense of security. Among them, the "first class cabin" has space other than the bed, so you can enjoy the VIP feeling. Once in a while, why don't you take a break with a little luxury?

A large public bath in the middle of a big city is exceptional

4. First Cabin Akasaka 3380051

Actually, this hotel has a large public bath. The large public bath where you can relax and soothe your mind and body. You can enjoy a blissful bath time that will make you forget that you were in the crowd just a moment ago. Amenities such as shampoo, as well as basic cosmetics, hair dryers, and curling irons are also available.

Relax mode in the guest lounge

4. First Cabin Akasaka 3380052

When you want to relax outside the cabin, you can spend a comfortable time in the guest lounge. Even in busy Akasaka, you can fully enjoy your time in a space with a simple and relaxing atmosphere.

Official details

First Cabin Akasaka (FIRST CABIN)

First Cabin Akasaka (FIRST CABIN)

Tokyo / Akasaka / Capsule hotel

hotel fee
JPY from 6,200
3-13-7 Akasaka, Tokyo
1-minute walk from Exit 2 of Akasaka Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, 6-minute walk from Akasaka-mitsuke Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi and Ginza Lines, 5-minute walk from Tameike-Sanno Station

A night that feels like Japan (Asakusa/Akihabara area)

An area where the present and the past of Japan overlap. It is full of capsule hotels where you can rediscover the charm of Japan that you did not know yet.

5.TOKYO-W-inn Asakusa

Stylish hostel with a view of Tokyo Skytree

5. TOKYO-W-inn Asakusa (Tokyo Win Asakusa) 3380069

TOKYO-W-inn Asakusa is located about 7 minutes walk from Asakusa Station. The simple and stylish appearance is eye-catching. You can see Tokyo Sky Tree from this shared balcony. It looks like it will be a memorable stay ♡

A natural and comfortable space spreads out♪

5. TOKYO-W-inn Asakusa (Tokyo Win Asakusa) 3380070

The inside of the building is very stylish with its wood grain design and interior! There is also a women-only floor, so you can feel safe staying here. You can stay overnight without meals at a reasonable price, so it might be a good idea to stay for a change of pace in a place different from home. There are also private double rooms.

I love the free amenity plan!

5. TOKYO-W-inn Asakusa (3380071)

The shower rooms are available 24 hours a day and come equipped with shampoo and hairdryers. You can use them whenever you like, so you can avoid crowds. There are also plans that include amenities such as toothbrush sets, sleeping aids, and laundry detergent, so if you're a girl who wants to stay empty-handed, be sure to check with the hotel!

A kitchen with all the conveniences you need

5. TOKYO-W-inn Asakusa (Tokyo Win Asakusa) 3380072

The shared kitchen is equipped with a microwave, oven, and IH cooking. You can do some shopping in Asakusa and do some cooking in the kitchen. Interacting with other guests that can only be done in a shared space will be a great memory.

Official details

TOKYO-W-inn Asakusa

TOKYO-W-inn Asakusa

Tokyo /Asakusa/Guesthouse/Hostel/Dormitory

hotel fee
JPY from 8,685
4-6-1 Kotobuki, Taito Tokyo
About 4 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi Station

6.Mycube by Mystays Asakusa Kuramae

Refresh yourself with meticulous hospitality

6. Mycube by Mystays Asakusa Kuramae 3380043

A stylish CUBE-style hotel located about a 1-minute walk from Kuramae Station on the Toei Asakusa Line. There is nothing to say about safety, cleanliness, and high quality as it is a hotel chain operating nationwide! The cabin is spacious with high ceilings. Even people with claustrophobia can experience a capsule hotel. There are a lot of services that can reach the itch, such as a safety box and a mirror that is convenient when applying makeup. It's full of Japanese attention to detail, which makes me happy.

Fully equipped with amenities

6. Mycube by Mystays Asakusa Kuramae 3380044

In addition to amenities such as loungewear and toothbrushes, we also have lotions and milky lotions available for a fee. You can go empty-handed, so it can be used in emergencies like, ``I missed the last train!'' The shower booth is also spacious and clean, so you can comfortably take a shower and feel refreshed both physically and mentally.

I love the clean and spacious powder room!

6. Mycube by Mystays Asakusa Kuramae 3380058

The powder room is spacious and will help you get ready. In addition to a large mirror and hair dryer, I also like that there is a hair iron on the women's floor. This is perfect for getting ready in the morning♪

Relax in the lounge

6. Mycube by Mystays Asakusa Kuramae 3380045

The lounge on the second floor is available 24 hours a day, and you can enjoy socializing with other guests. There's also an outlet tap, so it's perfect for work or study.

Official details

MyCUBE by MYSTAYS Asakusa Kuramae (MyCUBE by MYSTAYS Asakusa Kuramae)

MyCUBE by MYSTAYS Asakusa Kuramae (My CUBE by MYSTAYS)

Tokyo /Asakusa/Capsule hotel

hotel fee
JPY from 5,541
2-6-7 Kuramae, Taito-Tokyo
1 minute walk from Kuramae Station on the Toei Asakusa Line! 4 stations 6 minutes from Nihonbashi, 5 stations 12 minutes from Suidobashi, 2 stations 8 minutes from Akihabara

7. Akihabara BAY HOTEL

Lots of plans for girls!

7. Akihabara BAY HOTEL 3380015

Akihabara BAY HOTEL is a capsule hotel exclusively for women, conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Akihabara Station. The cute exterior, unified in white and pastel pink, is sure to tickle the hearts of girls. There are plenty of must-see plans, including one that includes a JILLSTUART amenity set. Please check with the hotel for more details.

Female only! This sense of security is the first step to a comfortable stay.

7. Akihabara BAY HOTEL 3380016

In contrast to the cute appearance, the capsule area has become a stylish and clean space. You can't enter without the key given to you at reception, and security is perfect! You can experience the classic two-level capsule unit that you wanted to experience at least once because it is a women-only hotel. You can choose to have a TV or not at the time of booking.

Full of amenities, perfect for an emergency inn

7. Akihabara BAY HOTEL 3380017

The powder room is also unified in white and pastel pink. There are 10 shower booths, so you don't have to worry about waiting. Starting with shampoo, there are cosmetics, hair irons, and indoor clothes, so you can keep your luggage to a minimum! I'm glad that you were able to stay comfortably. There's also a coin laundry, so you don't have to worry about changing clothes for the next day, even if you're staying overnight.

7. Akihabara BAY HOTEL 3466238

Basic cosmetics and bath amenities are from POLA's "ESTHE ROYER", and there are also beauty plans that include JILLSTUART amenities. If you are interested in the plan, please check with the hotel for details. It's good to focus on parts that you don't usually have time to take care of! It's also good to heal tired parts!

Official details

Capsule hotel where only women can stay Akihabara BAY HOTEL (Joseida Kega Tomarel Capsule Hotel Akihabara Bay Hotel)

Capsule hotel where only women can stay Akihabara BAY HOTEL (Akihabara Bay Hotel)

Tokyo /Akihabara/Capsule hotel

hotel fee
JPY from 4,100
44-4 Kanda Renbei-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
About 4 minutes on foot from Akihabara Station Please use the JR central ticket gate or Hibiya Line Exit 2. Yodobashi Camera is a landmark.

Enjoy your own space in the city at night (Oimachi/Kamata area)

With good access to Haneda Airport and Tokyo Station, the area is recommended as a base for sightseeing and business. We are paying attention to capsule hotels that are equipped with a full range of facilities that will make you want to stay overnight.

8.Smart Stay SHIZUKU Shinagawa Oimachi

There's even a large public bath and sauna! Can be thoroughly refreshed

8.Smart Stay SHIZUKU Shinagawa Oimachi 3380062


"Smart Stay SHIZUKU Shinagawa Oimachi" is a capsule hotel with excellent access, about a 1-minute walk from JR Oimachi Station, and is equipped with a women-only floor. It will open in 2021, and the inside of the building will be very clean and comfortable. There's a large public bath, so you'll be happy to soothe your tiredness in the big bath!

A simple yet comfortable space ♡

8.Smart Stay SHIZUKU Shinagawa Oimachi 3380063


In addition to a TV and electrical outlets, the capsule rooms are equipped with original high-quality mattresses and all rooms are air-conditioned, so you can spend a comfortable time. There are also security gates on each floor, so you can feel safe even if it's your first time using a capsule hotel or if you're a solo woman.

Relax your mind and body in the large public bath♪


※The photograph is an image.

Another great feature is that guests can use the public bath and sauna for free. If you stretch your arms and legs and take a big bath, you'll feel like your daily fatigue will be completely blown away. There are also plenty of amenities, so you won't have to carry much luggage.

You can also enjoy food and drinks!

"Smart Stay SHIZUKU Shinagawa Oimachi" interior 159347225

source:Posted by sel2001.4

The restaurant offers a wide variety of meal menus, including hamburger curry and Bolognese. In the evening, you can enjoy snacks that go well with alcohol, so you can enjoy a drink after taking a bath!

Official details

Smart Stay SHIZUKU Shinagawa Oimachi

Smart Stay SHIZUKU Shinagawa Oimachi

Tokyo /Shinagawa/Capsule hotel

hotel fee
JPY from 3,500
5-2-8 Higashioi, Shinagawa Tokyo
About 1 minute walk from JR Oimachi Station, about 3 minutes walk from Oimachi Station on the Rinkai Line, about 1 minute walk from Oimachi Station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line

Detailed information

Smart Stay SHIZUKU Shinagawa Oimachi

Oimachi, Samezu, Aomono Yokocho / Others

5-2-8 Higashioi, Shinagawa Tokyo
business hours
[Monday] Open 24 hours [Tuesday] Open 24 hours [Wednesday] Open 24 hours [Thursday] Open 24 hours [Friday] Open 24 hours [Saturday] Open 24 hours [Sunday] Open 24 hours

data provision

9. Easy Stay Kamata

Excellent cost performance! Evolutionary capsule hotel with great value

9. Easy Stay Kamata 3380074

Easy Stay Kamata is located about 30 seconds walk from JR Kamata Station. The stylish building features capsule units designed for comfort. Free drinks and unlimited manga reading are also available, so you can spend your adult dream time engrossed in manga ♡ There are plenty of other great services as well.

Get excited with the spacious private room space!

9. Easy Stay Kamata 3380077

With more than twice the volume of a typical capsule unit, it's so comfortable you'll almost forget you're staying in a capsule hotel. The space inside the capsule is comfortable, with special mattresses made in collaboration with bedding manufacturer Nishikawa and a large LCD TV.

A bright and beautiful powder room ♡

9. Easy Stay Kamata 3380078

Amenities include a hairbrush, razor, and in-house wear, as well as POLA shampoos in the shower room. The powder room is also bright and very beautiful.

Relaxing time with free drinks and manga ♪

9. Easy Stay Kamata 3380075


In fact, this hotel offers unlimited manga reading, free drinks, and all-you-can-eat soft serve ice cream, making it a very attractive place to stay.

Official details

Easy Stay Kamata (Easy Stay Kamata)

Easy Stay Kamata

Tokyo / Kamata, Haneda Airport / Capsule Hotel

hotel fee
JPY from 1,000
7-46-7 Nishi Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Approximately 30 seconds walk from JR Kamata Station

If you want to get excited, go to a capsule hotel!

If you want to get excited, go to a capsule hotel! 3380036

How was it? There are various types of capsule hotels, such as high-quality capsule hotels that exceed expectations, and stylish and comfortable guesthouse-style capsule hotels. It's a waste to leave it as a "fun" for men and foreigners only! If you want a little excitement in your daily life, don't hesitate to stay at a capsule hotel. In a small space, there is a wider world than you can imagine.

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