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Umekoji Potel KYOTO

Umekouji Potel Kyoto

Kyoto / Kyoto, Kyoto Station / City Hotels

A public bath in a space where you can enjoy books and music! A new sense hotel in Kyoto that you will want to visit again and again

About a 15-minute walk from Kyoto Station, Umekoji Potel Kyoto is located along Umekoji Park, which houses the Kyoto Aquarium and the Railway Museum. Umekoji Yokocho, located in the hotel, has unique facilities such as a public bath and a fermentation room, as well as a space where you can enjoy books, music, and games. The restaurant's Obanzai buffet breakfast is also attractive.


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Relax and unwind in our well-equipped hotel
2 days and 1 night with a fun walk around the area

We will introduce the course when a woman who visited Kyoto actually stayed at "Umekoji Potel KYOTO".

First day


About 15 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station to the hotel

with excitement
From the station to Umekoji Park

About 15 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station, take a walk to "Umekoji Park". It is also recommended to enjoy the "Kyoto Railway Museum", one of the largest in Japan, and the "Kyoto Aquarium", an inland aquarium that uses completely artificial seawater. The lush greenery of Umekoji Park will thrill your heart.



Late 20s / WEB/UIUX designer

Stayed October 2021

I had a lot of luggage, so I took a taxi from Kyoto Station (about 5 minutes).


Arrive at hotel

feel the warmth of wood
Check in at the front desk

Pass through the entrance with beautiful straight lines and arrive at the bright lobby with large windows. Check in at the stylish front desk. After receiving an explanation of facilities such as "Awai no Ma", "Umekoji Sento Poteyu", and "Umekoji Fermentation Place", head to your room.


When I checked in, I was thrilled with the thorough explanation of the alleys, onsen, and floors!



Enjoy park view
Take a rest in your room

There are 144 rooms in total, and there are various types, such as a western style with a terrace overlooking the park, and a Japanese style wrapped in the warmth of wood. In the Japanese-style guest rooms, you can take off your shoes and relax. If you get tired of walking, lie down on the bed and take a rest.


Stayed in garden twin room. In the room where you can feel the warmth of wood, I especially liked the design of the washbasin with milk soap, shampoo and conditioner.


In a comfortable wooden space
Immerse yourself in books and music

Enjoy a carefree time in the "Awai no Ma" where you can enjoy books, records, and board games in the hall. You can enjoy encounters with various things that stimulate your senses. Take home a free draft beer and have a toast in your room.


I used the drink self-service and free service. I picked up some wine and snacks and spent the night watching Netflix in my room.



Themed on fermentation
Smack your lips at dinner

Why not make a reservation at the restaurant in the hotel and enjoy an elegant dinner? The new style of kaiseki meal uses ingredients associated with Kyoto, and the plates and chopsticks are also carefully selected. There is also an a la carte menu. After the meal, we recommend having a drink at the fermentation facility.


nostalgic yet new
Public bath experience at Poteyu

On the first floor, there is the "Umekoji Sento Poteyu" where you can relax and enjoy a bath. Please note the paintings by a public bath artist. In addition, the amenities are from Kyoto and come in sustainable bottles and refills.

the 2nd day


Feel like Kyoto
Obanzai Buffet

A breakfast buffet where you can choose from a wide variety of obanzai, charcoal-grilled fish in front of you, rice from Kyoto, pickles from Kyoto, and more. There are also Western-style menus such as curry, bread, and desserts, so you will want to eat both Japanese and Western.


on the rooftop terrace
Enjoy a cup of bliss

Take a free drink coffee to the rooftop terrace. Enjoy the pleasant morning sky. Selected beans and drip coffee are exceptional! The beautiful scenery of Kyoto such as "Kyoto Tower" and "Toji Temple" will soothe your heart.


The view from the balcony was the park, and the morning air was very fresh.


Depart from hotel

Enjoy inside
Check out at 11am

Until check-out, you can flip through Kyoto guidebooks in the "Awai-no-ma". When you find a place you want to go, make a note on your smartphone. I haven't spent enough time in the hotel yet, but it's time to leave.

Return trip14:00

Relaxing alone time
2 days to relax

Enjoy a one-night, two-day trip to Kyoto at a unique hotel with full facilities. Time passes quickly in the beautiful hall where wood is used everywhere. Relaxing and rich alone time is perfect for nourishing the mind.

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Kyoto 15 Kankijicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
About 3 minutes on foot from Umekoji Kyoto Nishi Station on the JR Sagano Line
No transportation
Parking available
Paid coin parking is available on site.
Facility information
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onsen and baths

  • Big bath



  • sauna
  • Cold bath

Food & Drink

  • restaurant
  • Cafe

Baby & Children

  • crib

Room Information

  • Western-style room
  • Internet available
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Universal Room

Other facilities within the building

  • banquet hall
  • Laundry Corner


  • tv set
  • refrigerator
  • slipper
  • Safety deposit box
  • Toilet with washing machine
  • pajamas
  • toothbrush
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • towel
  • bath towel
  • Hairdryer
  • Electric pot
  • humidifier

*Facilities and amenities displayed are those for which confirmation has been confirmed.

Other facility information

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