Sazane (ryokan Chiba): On the spacious terrace, there is a large private open-air bath with natural onsen. Enjoy a relaxing moment while looking at Mt. Fuji floating in the ocean of Tokyo Bay. The room is equipped with a shower booth. / 1
Sazane (Chiba ryokan): A 70m2 Japanese-Western style room with Ryukyu tatami space. Beds, tatami mats, sofas, can enjoy a spectacular ocean view no matter where you are, with a floor plan that stretches straight to the sea. ●Recommended for the following people/People who want to relax on tatami mats/2
Sazane (Chiba ryokan): meal is a dining room with ocean views in the morning and evening. Enjoy meal with a beautiful view of the ocean at dusk or sparkling in the morning sun. The semi-private rooms offer plenty of privacy. You can feel the ocean with all your senses, making your dining experience even more luxurious. / 3
Sazane (Chiba ryokan): Dinner is creative cuisine that takes advantage of the bounty of Boso. Appetizers / Tableware / Sashimi / Steamed dishes / Grilled dishes / Floating island hotpot / meal / Enjoy sweets and a full course. This is an example of Zori. We have a wide selection of alcoholic beverages that complement the dishes, and we also offer pairing suggestions to suit the occasion♪ Get intoxicated by the sumptuous meal. / Four
Sazane (ryokan Chiba): A lounge with a luxurious atmosphere where you can enjoy free drinks and light snacks. There are also books, so it's recommended for reading. / Five



Chiba / Kyonan, Minamiboso/ ryokan

Relaxing hot onsen time floating in the Pacific Ocean ♡ Luxurious inn with guest rooms with open-air baths

About 90 minutes from the city center, "Sazane" is an inn with an ocean view and an open-air bath, standing by the sea in Chiba. Enjoy onsen time as if you were floating on the ocean, savor Boso cuisine in the dining room overlooking the sea, and toast with free drinks in the lounge that leads to the coast♪ This is a hidden inn.


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Great views and onsen. Immerse yourself in a world of healing
Mother and daughter stay for 2 days and 1 night

A woman who traveled to Boso with her mother and daughter will introduce how she spent her time when she actually stayed at "Sazane".

First day


About 90 minutes by car from the city center to the inn

surrounded by sea and sky
Drive in Minamiboso♪

Minamiboso, a Chiba surrounded by the sea. Driving ♪ towards your destination via the area around "Sodegaura Seaside Park" called "Umihotaru" and "Chiba Fornia" will be a special time because you can see the exhilarating scenery just by driving to your destination.



Early 30s / Receptionist

Stayed in April 2021

For the first time in a long time, I enjoyed staying at a luxurious inn. I wanted to enjoy my hotel time, so I went to the hotel without taking a detour.


Arrive at the inn

To the entrance to another world...
Resort onsen inn by the sea

The vast expanse of ocean unobstructed spreads out in front of you. This is a luxury hotel for adults with 12 rooms and no children under the age of 12 can stay. You can spend a leisurely time surrounded by the sound of ripples, perfect for a mature girls' trip for mothers and daughters.


Check in with a welcome drink. "Would you like to take a picture with the staff?"


surprise and comfort
Room full of openness

All 5 types of guest rooms are straight from the bed, living room, terrace, open-air bath and the superb view of the sea! The vaulted ceiling supports the sense of openness. All rooms have a guaranteed view. Among them, executives can see Mt. Fuji floating in Tokyo Bay.


Stayed in moderate type. Surprised by the high ceiling and ocean view! We enjoyed the view from our room for a while.



of free drinks
Cafe time in the lounge

In the lounge leading to the beach, you can have a cafe time while watching the sea with the sound of waves as background music ♪ You can have drinks including alcohol, as well as light meals such as petit cakes and bite-size cutlet sandwiches for free.


I relaxed with a free cake and coffee at the terrace seat. There is also a beer server, so I am very happy for alcohol lovers.



Along with the changing scenery
Enjoy the open-air bath in your room

It is a blissful time to soak in onsen while blending in with the scenery. If it overlaps with the magic hour, it will be even more fantastic♡ At night, the fishing lights and the neon lights of the city center are lit up, which is also wonderful. Place your sake on the sliding tray and enjoy the bath while enjoying the ever-changing scenery.


While my mother onsen and I was relaxing on the chairs on the terrace, we enjoyed the changing scenery together. After dinner, I went to onsen ♪



looking at the sea
Enjoy the bounty of Boso

Have dinner in a semi-private dining room while lining up shoulder to shoulder. You can enjoy seafood caught on the Kyonan coast, the best fishing grounds where the Kuroshio Current and seawater mix. Including sashimi, abalone, shark's fin, spiny lobster... Luxurious ingredients from Boso will add color to your trip.


The butter grilled abalone is the best I've ever had! Eating rice with a beautiful evening view is the best. The dessert mascarpone shiruko was also delicious.



Change into colored yukata
Relax in your room

High-quality hospitality even in your room! Nespresso coffee machine, free ice cream and drinks in the refrigerator, BOSE speakers, free Wi-Fi and tablets, and so on.


Relax in your room or soak in onsen while enjoying a free beer. Amenity was enriched, too and was not in need of anything.


the 2nd day


Rich in color and variety
Breakfast with side dishes

Breakfast is in the same dining room as the night before. A breakfast that starts with a smoked salmon salad that looks like a box of smoke. Have a dreamy and happy morning. A breakfast that you can enjoy not only with the view, but also with your eyes, such as presentation and presentation ♪


It was an exciting breakfast with lots of bite-sized side dishes. Everything was delicious and I ate a lot from the morning with the freshly cooked rice.


From 600m underground
Anbo onsen gushing forth

Enjoy onsen in the morning while listening to the sound of ripples. It has a sliding door, so you can enjoy onsen slowly even on bad weather days. Amenities are also carefully prepared. Wear a high-quality bathrobe and relax after taking a bath.


I enjoyed onsen by soaking in onsen and taking a footbath. Thanks to it, my skin is smooth and my body is warm! I was healed by the synergistic effect of the scenery and the sound of the waves.


leave the inn

Relax in your room
check out

It's finally time to say goodbye to the superb view and healing time... Before leaving the inn, how about taking a walk on the beach in front of you?


To prevent infection, I checked out in my room. I didn't have to wait for my room, so it was very nice.


About 15 minutes by car from the inn

In "The Fish"
Lunch & souvenir purchase

Adjacent to the Kanaya Ferry Terminal, "The Fish" is a powerful spot where you can feel the ocean up close. At the restaurant, you can enjoy rice with plenty of seafood such as kaisendon and pasta. In addition, there is also a souvenir shop.


Buy souvenirs at "The Fish". We recommend the cheese baum at Minamitei! There is also an observatory and a restaurant, making it an ideal place to stop by.

Return trip14:00

Parent-child time after a long absence
Two days to deepen bonds

"Sazane" is perfect for spending parent-child time for the first time in a while. Relax in a private inn surrounded by superb views and onsen. The mother-daughter bond will be stronger.

Spots introduced this time

Relaxing as a couple on an anniversary
Two days spent at an adult-only inn

A lodging diary of suzu, who traveled to Boso alone with her husband on her wedding anniversary. We will introduce how to actually spend your stay at "Sazane".

First day


About 90 minutes by car from the city center to the inn

To Boso surrounded by the sea
exhilarating driving trip

Take the Aqua Line across Tokyo Bay to Chiba. Beyond that... a resort surrounded by the sea! Minamiboso is a recommended area to spend a romantic anniversary. My heart beats fast as I drive along the coast as if I were abroad.



Late 30s / Self-employed

Stayed November 2021

Leave your child and go on a trip to celebrate your wedding anniversary without getting married. We drove "Aqualine" and had tea at "Umihotaru" while looking at the sea.


Arrive at the inn

The sound of ripples welcomes you
A 0-minute walk to the sea

An adult-only luxury hotel by the sea. The sky that spreads high in the sky, the endless ocean, and the soothing sound of rippling waves. It is a wonderful location suitable for the stage of the anniversary. Check-in while looking at the blue world of the sky and sea.


Since it's a couple's trip, I chose an adult-only inn where you can't go with children. The view from the check-in counter divided into private rooms was also wonderful.



Beautiful scenery for two
luxury room

There are a total of 12 guest rooms, spacious one-story buildings ranging from 57 to 89 square meters. Breathtaking ocean view, vaulted ceiling. A space full of openness invites you to an extraordinary world. Let's immerse yourself in the world of just the two of you by playing memorable songs on high-performance speakers.


Stayed in "Superior". There is a sofa on the terrace, and you can enjoy cafe time while looking at the sea. I had a cake brought from the lounge.



Cheers with free beer♪
Relax on the terrace and onsen

Take the free beer and ice cream in the refrigerator to the terrace. The spacious terrace has a natural onsen open-air bath and a relaxing space with sofas and cushions. While watching the scenery dyed in the setting sun, two people toast with beer together!


I went to onsen while drinking Heartland bottled beer that was in the refrigerator. It was the best! I was healed by the superb view of the ocean, and I wanted to stay there for hours.



At the counter seat in a semi-private room
shoulder to shoulder dinner

Dinner time while watching the sea at night with the flickering fishing lights. Seafood dishes such as spiny lobster and alfonsino, which are procured every morning from the local Katsuyama port, are exquisite! The gorgeous presentation will add color to your anniversary dinner.


Enjoy the bounty of the sea. The sashimi plate is a large flat shell, and I was impressed by the attention to detail in the dishes and presentation. I was happy to have a plate service for my wedding anniversary.



lounge drink
Take out to your room

A lounge where you can enjoy light meals such as cakes and cutlet sandwiches free of charge, including alcoholic drinks. It is irresistible for sake lovers. For two people who want to enjoy a more private time, it is also recommended to take out to your room.


I stopped by the lounge and brought beer and lemon sour back to my room. It was a beautiful night with a beautiful starry sky and moon, and it was great to drink sake in onsen while looking at the night sky.