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Kyukaruizawa Kikyo Curio Collection by Hilton

Kyukaru Izawa Kikyo Curio Collection by Hilton

Nagano / Saku, Karuizawa / Resort Hotel

The first Hilton brand to enter Japan. A sophisticated villa for adults nestled in the forest

"Kyukaruizawa Kikyo Curio Collection by Hilton" is the first Hilton upper-scale hotel in Japan. You can spend an elegant time like a villa in a quiet forest. The two types of dinner you can choose from are both made with plenty of Shinshu ingredients. You can relax from the core of your body in the guest rooms and large public baths with a view of nature.


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Enjoy luxury Karuizawa
2 days and 1 night where couples can relax and be healed

A user who traveled to Karuizawa with his wife will introduce the course when he actually stayed at "Kyukaruizawa Kikyo Curio Collection by Hilton".

First day


To Karuizawa by car
The beginning of a luxurious couple's trip

We drove from home and set off on a trip to Karuizawa without the husband and wife. While watching the autumn trees that have begun to turn colors, we will head for a reward trip to relax in luxury.


About 13 minutes by car from the hotel

At the Sezon Museum of Modern Art
touch beautiful art

The Sezon Museum of Modern Art was designed by Kiyonori Kikutake, one of Japan's leading architects. You will be moved by the sculptures in the garden surrounded by beautiful nature and the art in the museum.



Early 40s / Working in cosmetics industry

Stayed November 2020

For lunch, I ate duck steamed at "Karuizawa Kawakamian Main Store". The soup had a strong duck flavor, and it was so delicious that I wanted to drink soba-yu-wari forever.



Arrive at hotel

standing in nature
To a luxury hotel

“Kyu-Karuizawa KIKYO, Curio Collection by Hilton” is located in the nature of Kyu-Karuizawa. This is the first hotel to land in Japan as an upper scale of "Hilton", and it has a luxurious space.


The bellflowers of Karuizawa carving are colored
spacious rooms

About 90% of the guest rooms, which overlook the nature of Karuizawa from the windows, are over 40 square meters. Karuizawa-bori artwork with a bellflower motif adds color and warmth to the relaxing space.


Stayed in a superior twin room. The welcome sweets in the guest room were very delicious, and I was surprised that craft beer was prepared as a welcome drink!



Healed by unique technology
Ultimate spa experience

"NADESICO SPA" is attractive for its unique "Yamato Nadeshiko Beauty MethodⓇ" that combines Eastern and Western techniques. Be healed by carefully selected ingredients and cosmetics grown organically in Nagano.


The body and facial course was an amazing 90 minute treatment. I was impressed when the therapist came to pick me up at the room.


Both courses and a la carte
Plenty of seasonal Shinshu

There are two types of dinner: the course meal "SONORITÉ" and the a la carte "à table". You can enjoy Shinshu's seasonal ingredients luxuriously.


Order a course and wine pairing at "SONORITÉ". Each dish is original and uses plenty of local ingredients, and I enjoyed both the appearance and the taste.



in two large baths
A time of calm healing

At the public bath "SILENT SPA", you can relax from the core with two types of baths and gentle lighting. The guest room amenity "Maison Margiela" is also full of special feeling.

the 2nd day


Stick to local ingredients
Japanese or Western breakfast

For breakfast at "à table", you can order either Japanese or Western at check-in. Both are particular about Shinshu ingredients, and fresh and delicious items will satisfy your heart and stomach.


I had a Japanese breakfast. A lot of vegetables were kind to the body, the color was beautiful, and it was very delicious.



About 4 minutes by car from the hotel

At "Kumoba Pond"
Enchanted by vivid autumn leaves

“Kumoba Pond” where you can enjoy rich trees and beautiful lake scenery. Refreshing greenery in spring and summer, and vivid autumn leaves in autumn create a fantastic sight.


Depart from hotel

Be healed by the nature of the courtyard
check out

Until check-out time of 12:00, you can relax in your room or in the hotel. It feels good to take a leisurely walk in the courtyard, which is colored by the nature of the four seasons.


About 2 minutes by car from the hotel

Former Karuizawa Ginza
Stroll around

The Kyu-Karuizawa Ginza Shopping Street is lined with restaurants and souvenir shops. Enjoy a leisurely walk while enjoying eating and shopping. It takes about 5 minutes on foot from the hotel.


After having lunch and shopping at the shopping street, I went to Ueda's "Chateau Mercian Mariko Winery" and bought the delicious Mariko wine I had at dinner.

Return trip15:00

Karuizawa in autumn
Two days of luxurious relaxation

In Karuizawa, where the autumn leaves are beautiful, we enjoyed a luxurious relaxing time and a luxurious dinner for two days. Surrounded by rich nature and luxury, you can spend a rewarding time here.

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Nagano 491-5 Karuizawa, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun
Approximately 5 minutes by shuttle car from Karuizawa Station (Free shuttle service is limited to hotel guests) / Approximately 15 minutes on foot
Shuttle service available
Parking available
Facility information



  • onsen
  • Big bath
  • Open-air bath
  • sauna

Internet connection

  • Internet available


  • laundry
  • gym/fitness
  • pool
  • banquet hall
  • There is a shop
  • bar lounge


  • Esthetic
  • Massage
  • Pet friendly
  • room service
  • humidifier
  • trouser presser
  • Concierge
  • Stroller rental
  • crib
  • laundry service

guest room

  • newspaper in the room


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    • Hand towel/face towel
    • bath towel
    • Hairdryer
    • pajamas
    • yukata
    • Monk's working clothes
    • slipper
    • toothbrush, toothpaste
    • shampoo rinse
    • shower cap
    • Body Soap
    • comb/brush
    • face wash
    • lotion
    • latex
    • makeup remover
    • cotton
    • swab
    • razor
    • refrigerator
    • tv set
    • safe

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