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Hoshino Resorts Risonare Nasu

Hoshino Resort RISONARENAS

Tochigi /Nasu/Resort Hotel

Enjoy farming experience and sightseeing! “Agriturismo Resort” boasting activities

Tochigi Hoshino Resorts Risonare Nasu" is a facility built at the foot of Mt. Nasu based on the concept of an "agriturismo resort" with an agricultural experience at its core. Enjoy activities in the agri-garden and rice paddies where crops are cultivated, and relax in guest rooms where you can feel the changing of the four seasons. You can also enjoy special moments at the hotel's café, restaurant, and restaurant. onsen


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Celebrate anniversary together as a couple
2 days and 1 night stay in Nasu

Here is how a woman who enjoyed a birthday trip with her husband actually spent her stay at Hoshino Resorts Risonare Nasu.

First day


About 40 minutes by shuttle bus from Nasushiobara Station to the inn

To Nasu surrounded by greenery
Enjoy sightseeing in the surrounding area

Visit the nature-rich Tochigi ・Nasu. How about some sightseeing in the area before heading to your lodgings? Nasu Minamigaoka Farm", "Nasu Highland Park" with its many attractions, and "Nasu Garden Outlets" for shopping are just a few of the many attractions in the area.



Late 20s / Housewife

Stayed in June 2022

I went to Nasu on a birthday trip with my husband. First, we went to "Nasu Highland Park" and gave snacks to various animals in the corner where you can interact with animals.


Arrive at the inn

Be healed by the rural scenery
Relaxed check-in

Check in at an inn located at the foot of Mt. Nasudake. On the site of about 42,000 tsubo, there are agricultural gardens and rice fields that grow crops. The space is suitable for the inn concept of an "agriturismo resort" centered on farming experiences.


Smooth check-in without waiting. The hotel staff told us about the hotel facilities and nearby shops.

Recommendations from hotel staff

Mr. Matsuda, general manager

Mr. Matsuda

It is a resort hotel where you can enjoy your stay while experiencing the workings of agriculture in the rich nature of Nasu and enjoying the food and activities unique to the area.


built in a natural forest
43 rooms in total

A wide variety of guest rooms♪The main building, which has the theme of Nasu's trees, has a lineup of three types of guest rooms, including maisonettes. The "Annex", which has the theme of Nasu's flowers, has more than 10 types of rooms, including rooms with a view of the stream, Japanese and Western rooms, and pet dog rooms.


Stayed at the "Minamo Triple" in the annex. A room where you can see the scenery outside from the large window, and you can relax while feeling nature.



The bond between the two will deepen ♡
Anniversary service

We also have a full range of services perfect for anniversaries. In addition to anniversary cakes and flower arrangements, you should also check out the “fruit carving” that carved fruit. All of them require advance reservations and are charged, so be sure to make reservations early.


In the room, I received the flower arrangement that I had requested. The staff also celebrated my birthday and took a lot of pictures.



A lounge in a cafe...
Facilities surrounded by nature

Facilities that tickle your curiosity are also attractive. You can also enjoy books and coffee at "Books & Cafe" and lounge. You can also learn about the handiwork of farmers at the Greenhouse. You can have a fulfilling time.


We had coffee in the lounge before dinner. There was relaxing music and books, so I was able to relax.



Buffets and courses
Dinner full of fresh vegetables

Dinner using locally produced ingredients is also ◎. The buffet at "SHAKI SHAKI" and the Italian course at "OTTO SETTE NASU" are exquisite.


Enjoy a buffet full of vegetables at SHAKI SHAKI. There are two main dishes, but one dish of "roasted vegetables and original cheese sauce" was very delicious!



Feeling the four seasons
Maro at Nasu onsen

Why not refresh yourself in the public bath after dinner? The Nasu onsen that you can soak in here is a famous hot spring with a long history brought by Mt. Chausu, one of the Nasu Mountains. Soothe your fatigue in the open-air bath with a lush forest right in front of you and the indoor bath made of stone.


Evening events
peaceful night

Enjoy your free time at night. Depending on the time of year, you can participate in fun events such as the "Tanbo Beer Garden" where you can enjoy craft beer surrounded by ears of rice, and the "AgriChristmas" where a tree with a vegetable motif shines.


Relax with a drink in your room. Looking back on that day, I was immersed in the afterglow while saying, "It was a very fulfilling day," and "The buffet was delicious!"

the 2nd day


I was impressed by the texture of the salad!
Excellent breakfast buffet

After waking up comfortably, enjoy the breakfast buffet at SHAKI SHAKI. In addition to salads that use crispy vegetables, the freshly baked bread is also delicious. The modern interior with vegetable motifs is also noteworthy.


I walked leisurely along the road to the breakfast venue and enjoyed forest bathing. Breakfast included soup and coffee and was satisfying.


Bonfire for agricultural experience ♩
Variety of activities

The inn is also proud of its activities.There are programs that allow you to fully enjoy agriturismo, such as the "Farmer's Lesson" where you can experience farm work in the fields and greenhouses, and the "Stone Oven Pizza Making" where you can top your favorite vegetables.


After breakfast, experience making snacks over a bonfire. I got so caught up in taking the video that I burned the marshmallows, but it was still fun and my husband and I had a great time.


Recommendations from hotel staff

Mr. Kodaka of Agri Garden

Mr. Kodaka

In addition to the harvest experience, we are doing the farm work necessary for the day. You can feel the joy of touching the soil, such as tilling the fields, sowing seeds, and making fertilizer.


leave the inn

thank you for your hospitality
check out

While thanking the staff who supported me during my precious time, I checked out with a smile. How about shopping at the shop? Souvenirs (souvenirs) where you can feel the highland culture of Nasu will tickle your travels♡

Recommendations from hotel staff

Mr. Matsuda, general manager

Mr. Matsuda

It is a facility where you can feel close to nature throughout the four seasons and discover the charm of each season. I think that the time you spend slowly touching the soil will become an irreplaceable memory.

Return trip13:00

Enjoy your highland stay
Leisurely return home

Wrapped in the great nature of Nasu, the trip to enjoy an elegant hotel stay is about to come to an end. While looking back at the gastronomy with plenty of fresh ingredients and the picturesque rural scenery of Nasu, let's head back home together.

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Tochigi 2301 Michishita, Takaku Otsu, Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun
Train: About 40 minutes by shuttle bus from JR Tohoku Shinkansen "Nasushiobara Station" Car: About 20 minutes from Tohoku Expressway "Nasu IC"
Shuttle service available
Shuttle bus available from Nasushiobara Station (free)
Parking available
35 spaces outdoors (free for hotel guests)
Facility information



  • onsen
  • Big bath
  • Open-air bath
  • sauna

Internet connection

  • Internet available


  • laundry
  • gym/fitness
  • pool
  • banquet hall
  • There is a shop
  • bar lounge


  • Esthetic
  • Massage
  • Pet friendly
  • room service
  • humidifier
  • trouser presser
  • Concierge
  • Stroller rental
  • crib
  • laundry service

guest room

  • newspaper in the room


    NOTE: If it is not supported or has not been confirmed, it will be displayed as "-".


    • Hand towel/face towel
    • bath towel
    • Hairdryer
    • pajamas
    • yukata
    • Monk's working clothes
    • slipper
    • toothbrush, toothpaste
    • shampoo rinse
    • shower cap
    • Body Soap
    • comb/brush
    • face wash
    • lotion
    • latex
    • makeup remover
    • cotton
    • swab
    • razor
    • refrigerator
    • tv set
    • safe

    NOTE: If it is not supported or has not been confirmed, it will be displayed as "-".

    Other facility information

    *The following plastic amenities are available at the front desk. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shaver, hair tie, cotton swab, cotton, skin care set for women

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