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Iraph Sui Luxury Collection Hotel Miyako Okinawa

IRAPH SUI, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Miyako Okinawa

Okinawa /Irabu Island/Resort Hotel

Stay elegantly in rooms with balconies and gardens Luxury hotels on Irabu Island

"Irafu SUI Luxury Collection Hotel Okinawa Miyako" is located on the remote island "Irabujima" in the northwest of Miyakojima. All rooms are on the sea side, and you can see a superb view from the balcony, garden, lobby, and restaurant of the guest room. The pool, free flow, bath salt making, and other services that allow you to spend an elegant time are attractive.


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Enjoy the extraordinary as a couple ♡
2 days stay in Irabu Island

A woman who enjoyed a trip to Okinawa as a couple will introduce the course when she actually stayed at "Iraph Sui Luxury Collection Hotel Miyako Okinawa".

First day


About 20 minutes by car from Miyako Airport to the hotel

Drive the Irabu Bridge
to the hotel while

From Miyako Airport, you will arrive at the hotel in about 20 minutes while driving "Irabu Ohashi". The Irabu Bridge, which connects Miyako Island and Irabu Island, is about 3,540 meters long. Driving on an arched bridge with ups and downs feels like a little attraction.



late 20s / office worker

Stayed November 2022

The day before, I stayed at another inn in Miyako city. Until the day before, go to “Nakayukui Shoten” and “Yonaha Maehama Beach” where sata andagi are popular. I also tried snorkeling!



Arrive at hotel

Nestled on Irabu Island
To a pure white hotel

The hotel is located on the coastline facing a beautiful coral reef beach. The great nature of Okinawa, such as mangroves and sugarcane fields, spreads out around the hotel. When you enter the hotel with its pure white exterior, you will be greeted by a lobby designed in the image of the nature of Irabu Island.


I checked in at 15:00 and had an herbal drink while looking at the sea. The time for dinner was also decided at check-in, and we received a polite response!



In the main white room
stylish amenities

From the guest rooms, you can enjoy a superb view called Irabu Blue. There are suites with balconies, jet baths, living rooms and gardens, private pools, and pet-friendly rooms. Amenities such as original beach sandals are also carefully selected.


Stayed in an ocean view room. There are plenty of amenities such as TWG tea and iPads, and we also received sweets at the turndown service.



for bath time
Bath salt making ♡

From 14:00 to 16:00, free bath salt making is held in the lobby, so be sure to try making it as a souvenir or for your bath time during your stay. You can make your own bath salts using dry herbs and snow salt from Miyakojima.


pool and champagne
spend gracefully in

The infinity pool is open from April until the end of November, where you can relax while listening to the sound of the waves. There are many things to enjoy during your stay, such as a free flow while watching the sunset, and depending on the day of the week, awamori tasting and sanshin live performances are held♪


I participated in the free flow service "Sunset Delight" at sunset time. You can have snacks and champagne ♪



looking at the sea
Taste island ingredients

For dinner, enjoy French cuisine at the in-house restaurant TIN'IN. The interior is decorated in earth tones that evoke the image of a sandy beach, and you can see the sea from the windows that open on three sides. The food looks beautiful and is sure to make for a memorable dinner.


I had French at "TIN'IN". Starting with tofu mousse, the course dishes using island ingredients, such as island vegetable potage and Okinawan beef cheek meat, were exquisite.



in a large bathroom
blissful bath time

At night, enjoy an elegant bath time with handmade bath salts while gazing at the sea. The bathroom is also finished in white, and the glass-enclosed design is stylish♡ The wide bathtub seems to give you an extraordinary feeling.


I spent the night relaxing on the sofa on the balcony, researching the spots to visit the next day.

the 2nd day


Feel the nature of Okinawa
cool morning time

The balcony is over 12 square meters wide. It's nice to relax on the balcony, watching the sunset or breathing in the morning air. You can also wake up early and participate in morning activities ◎ Early morning yoga starting at 7:30 is available.


Before breakfast, I participated in a yoga lesson while looking at the sea. By making time to face my body and mind, it was a very good start to the day!


You can choose the main for breakfast

Breakfast is at "TIN'IN". You can choose between Japanese dishes such as grilled fish and side dishes, or western dishes such as seaweed omelets and green vegetables from Miyakojima. Enjoy appetizers, salads, fruits, and juices as much as you like in a semi-buffet style♪


We were able to enjoy dishes unique to Miyakojima, such as island fish and hibiscus pickles. Fresh island vegetable salad and vegetable smoothie were free to refill!



Depart from hotel

Until checkout
Enjoy full facilities

On the premises, there are plenty of relaxing facilities such as a beach club with daybeds on the lawn, a 24-hour fitness center, and a spa where you can receive aroma oil treatments. Let's spend a healing time until check-out.


Check out is at 12:00, so I was able to relax!


Spectacular scenery in the Miyako Islands
Lots of spots!

The contrast between the white sand and the blue sea of the beaches around Miyakojima, including Sunayama Beach, is like art. At "17 End" on Shimoji Island, there is a beach called "phantom beach" that appears only during low tide. Let's burn the superb view before returning home.


After checking in, we went to "Sunayama Beach" and had a Tarama beef hamburger at the popular "Doug's Burger"♪ Finally, we went to "17 End" and headed to the airport.


Return trip17:00

For a unique island experience
A heart-healing trip♡

“Iraph Sui Luxury Collection Hotel Miyako Okinawa” offers services that allow you to experience the extraordinary, such as activities and free flow while feeling the great outdoors. It seems that you will want to visit again and again to soothe your daily fatigue.


Hotels in the Marriott Group have great hospitality, and you can have a variety of experiences in the hotel, so it will be a very good memory! The two of us said, "Let's do our best so that we can come again."


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818-5 Sokohara, Irabu, Miyakojima City Okinawa
About 20 minutes by car from Miyako Airport via Irabu Bridge
Shuttle service available
Free pick-up service from Miyako Airport and Shimojishima Airport available (contact us by phone or email at least 3 days before your stay)
Parking available
49 free parking spaces for guests
Facility information



  • onsen
  • Big bath
  • Open-air bath
  • sauna

Internet connection

  • Internet available


  • laundry
  • gym/fitness
  • pool
  • banquet hall
  • There is a shop
  • bar lounge


  • Esthetic
  • Massage
  • Pet friendly
  • room service
  • humidifier
  • trouser presser
  • Concierge
  • Stroller rental
  • crib
  • laundry service

guest room

  • newspaper in the room


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    • Hand towel/face towel
    • bath towel
    • Hairdryer
    • pajamas
    • yukata
    • Monk's working clothes
    • slipper
    • toothbrush, toothpaste
    • shampoo rinse
    • shower cap
    • Body Soap
    • comb/brush
    • face wash
    • lotion
    • latex
    • makeup remover
    • cotton
    • swab
    • razor
    • refrigerator
    • tv set
    • safe

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    Other facility information

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