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Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

Tokyo /Odaiba/City Hotel

Overlooking the Rainbow Bridge in an elegant space. Luxury hotel directly connected to Daiba Station

"Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba" where you can enjoy the night view of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay in an elegant space. The restaurant on the 30th floor offers grilled dishes, a breakfast of your choice, and a gorgeous afternoon tea set. You can enjoy a fulfilling hotel stay in a convenient location for sightseeing in Odaiba.


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Enjoy both leisure and elegant moments.
Two days to fully enjoy Odaiba

Mr. nami7373.w, who enjoyed a trip to Odaiba with his family of four, will introduce the course when he actually stayed at "Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba".

First day


About 25 minutes by car from Tokyo Station to the hotel

the drive
Heading to Odaiba while having fun

The good thing about owning a car is that you can move around without worrying about crowds! Let's cross the "Rainbow Bridge" and head to the hotel in Odaiba.


About 3 minutes on foot from the hotel

At "Odaiba Seaside Park"
Leisurely stroll

"Odaiba Seaside Park" near the hotel has a beach, a lawn area, an observation deck and a skywalk. Why not enjoy a walk while admiring the open scenery?



Early 40s / shop management

Stayed in April 2021

In front of "Aqua City Odaiba", "Rainbow Bridge" and "Statue of Liberty" and cherry blossoms looked beautiful, so I took a walk while viewing the cherry blossoms.



Arrive at hotel

in an elegant mood

The soaring hotel lobby is full of luxury. After completing the check-in procedures, the elegant hotel stay begins.


The lobby had a very nice scent and was healed.



stay with family
to a stylish room

There are many types of rooms that can accommodate 3 or more people, including the "Family Suite Room" with a living room. The interior differs depending on the floor, so choose the type you like.


Stayed in a connecting room. It was easy to come and go between the rooms, and I was able to use two spacious rooms! Children of all ages seemed to enjoy it.


Recommendations from hotel staff

Accommodation Reservation Manager Kaneda

Accommodation Reservation Manager Kaneda

There are two types of rooms on the executive floor. For those who want to enjoy a bright and open resort feeling, choose the "Breeze Style" rooms on the 25th and 26th floors.


About 5 minutes on foot from the hotel

Shop at your leisure

Shop at "DiverCity Tokyo Plaza". There are not only apparel shops and restaurants, but also hands-on attraction facilities such as VR and MR, which can be enjoyed by both adults and children.


About 2 minutes on foot from the hotel

"Red Lobster"
Enjoy seafood at

At "Red Lobster Aqua City Odaiba", you can enjoy authentic seafood in front of the night view of Tokyo Bay. There is also a full menu that children like, such as pizza and hamburgers.


Dinner was "Red Lobster" and I enjoyed lobster and oysters.


Recommendations from hotel staff

Restaurant & Bar Manager Taguchi

Restaurant & Bar Manager Taguchi

At the restaurants "The Grill on 30th" and "Teppanyaki Ginkgo" on the 30th floor of the hotel, you can enjoy dinner in front of a fantastic view.


In a relaxed manner
A night to enjoy the night view

Return to the hotel and order champagne from room service for a toast. Depending on the room, you can see the night view of "Tokyo Tower" and "Gate Bridge", and you can enjoy an extraordinary feeling.


We drank champagne while playing music in the room. Children were also watching videos using the hotel's free Wi-Fi.


the 2nd day


using bath salts
Take a leisurely morning bath

The bathroom in the room has a luxurious design. Amenities such as shampoos, skin care products, and bath salts are well-stocked, so you can enjoy your morning bath in a good mood.


I enjoyed the morning bath in my room. There was bath salt, so even the lukewarm water warmed me to the core.


with a sumptuous breakfast
feel happy

At The Grill on 30th, you can enjoy an extravagant set of western dishes. Enjoy an elegant moment while gazing at the scenery from the 30th floor.


I had western food for breakfast. It was not a buffet due to corona measures, but it was enough. Fluffy French toast and mushroom potage were delicious.



Until checkout
Relax in your room

The basic check-out time is 12:00, so it's okay if you fall asleep after breakfast. Relax to your heart's content.


feel the seasons
Afternoon tea

At "The Lobby Cafe" in the hotel, you can enjoy an afternoon tea set with the theme of "color x flower". Enchanted by the visuals that tickle the girl's heart.


We enjoyed afternoon tea at the hotel. It was a cherry blossom motif, so it was pink and cute overall, and my daughter and I were in high spirits.


Recommendations from hotel staff

Tsukita in charge of PR

Tsukita in charge of PR

You can spend an elegant time at "The Lobby Cafe" full of openness. If you want to take a break in the afternoon, we recommend the hotel-made cakes.

Return trip16:00

Take a trip to Odaiba
Enjoy your trip home

There are many facilities in Odaiba that both adults and children can enjoy, making it perfect for relaxing with the family. Staying at a luxury hotel will give you a luxurious feeling and will make your two days memorable.

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Accommodation in Odaiba recommended for families with children


2-6-1 Daiba, Tokyo
15 minutes from Shimbashi by Yurikamome, directly connected to Daiba Station. Good location, about 20 minutes by limousine bus from Haneda Airport!
No transportation
Parking available
Indoor/outdoor/mechanical 374 units. 2000 yen per night for guests.
Facility information
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onsen and baths

  • sauna


  • pool
  • indoor pool
  • outdoor pool
  • Children's pool


  • sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Beauty Salons & Massage
  • Gym/Fitness

Food & Drink

  • restaurant
  • bar
  • lounge
  • room service

Baby & Children

  • crib
  • Bed guard

Room Information

  • Western-style room
  • suite
  • Internet available
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Connecting room
  • Universal Room

Other facilities within the building

  • Club Floor
  • Club Lounge/Private Lounge
  • banquet hall
  • Gift shop
  • convenience store
  • Cleaning service


  • tv set
  • refrigerator
  • slipper
  • Safety deposit box
  • Toilet with washing machine
  • toothbrush
  • Razor
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • Body Soap
  • shower cap
  • Bath additive
  • towel
  • bath towel
  • Hairdryer
  • Tea Set
  • Electric pot
  • humidifier

*Facilities and amenities displayed are those for which confirmation has been confirmed.

Other facility information

*Amenities may vary depending on the guest room.

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