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Loisir Hotel Naha

Loisir Hotel Naha

Okinawa /Naha/Resort Hotel

Enjoy natural onsen and pools! A city resort hotel about 7 minutes by car from Naha Airport

Loisir Hotel Naha is a large hotel located in the port area of Naha. It has 551 guest rooms, the largest in the city, a restaurant where you can enjoy Okinawan cuisine, a bar, indoor and outdoor pools that visitors can use, semi-open-air natural onsen that are rare in the prefecture, large public baths, and a gym. There is also a commercial facility in the hall, perfect for staying ◎


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Enjoy Okinawan cuisine and onsen!
2 days and 1 night stay with family

A woman who visited Okinawa on a group trip with her father and sister's family will introduce a travelogue when she actually stayed at "Loisir Hotel Naha".

First day


About 7 minutes by car from Naha Airport to the inn

Arrive at "Naha Airport"
Enjoy local gourmet food

The hotel is located about 7 minutes by car from Naha Airport, the gateway to Okinawa. After arriving at the airport, enjoy a local lunch. Soul food Okinawa soba, steak, pork egg rice balls, etc. You may be wondering what to eat ♪



late 30s / office worker

Stayed in July 2022

I took a taxi to the hotel because my younger sister's small child was also on a group family trip.


Arrive at the inn

in an open space
check in

Leave the airport and drive to the hotel via the Umisora Tunnel. Let's check in in the bright and airy lobby. After that, you can enjoy a leisurely tea time while feeling the sea breeze at the lounge "Minamifu Terrace" ◎


The check-in process went smoothly! The lobby was large and had a sense of openness, and the overall impression of the hotel was beautiful.



functional and comfortable
Rooms with sea view

There are a total of 551 guest rooms in the main building and the annex East Building. There are rooms with a great view overlooking Naha Port and Naha City, and rooms with balconies where you can feel the ocean nearby. It is a natural and relaxing space inspired by the sea of Okinawa.


We stayed in the "Superior Twin" room. An Okinawan drama was being broadcast, so I spent a relaxing time watching it. The bed was comfortable ◎


Enjoy inside or outside
refresh in the pool

This hotel has indoor and outdoor pools, and guests can use the pool and onsen during their stay for an additional fee. The indoor pool uses natural onsen, so you can expect fatigue recovery and skin beautifying effects.


I didn't have time to use the pool this time, but I thought it would be good for traveling with children ^^ This hotel was also used by many families with children.


Japanese, Western, Chinese and Ryukyu cuisine
Enjoy Okinawa dinner♪

It's almost time for dinner. The hotel has a Japanese-Western buffet restaurant, a dining room that combines Ryukyu cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and Chinese cuisine, and a sunset terrace where you can BBQ. You can also go out to eat on Kokusai Street, which is about 10 minutes away by car.


We ate outside the hotel at night. We went to a folk song pub called "Tubarama" on Kokusai Street and enjoyed Okinawan music and food with the whole family♪



Enter a natural onsen

At night, go to the natural onsen in the hotel, "onsen Onsen Shimajin no Yu". It is a private source that gushes out from 800m below ground. On the wall, there is also art depicting Okinawan traditional dyeing "Bingata" on tiles. Sit back and relax while you watch.


onsen are safe because you enter a password to enter. There was a water server in the dressing room, and there was salt for replenishment. The dryer was a Dyson ◎


at the top floor bar
Enchanted by the beautiful night view

If you want to enjoy a quiet adult conversation, go to "Bar Planet" on the 12th floor. Enjoy more than 150 kinds of drinks such as awamori, whiskey, wine, and cocktails while gazing at the night sea of Okinawa. Non-alcoholic cocktails are also available.

the 2nd day


Exercise in the morning!
Gym with high performance machines

In the morning when I woke up a little early, I worked out at the fitness gym before breakfast. Guests can use it free of charge 24 hours a day. There are 6 types of fitness machines made by Italian company Technogym, as well as yoga mats and stretch poles for rent.


I love golf and exercise regularly, so I'm happy to have a gym. I thought it would be nice if the training facility could be used by guests at any time.


Full of island blessings
Exciting breakfast buffet

Breakfast is served at the dining room "Fontaine". In addition to Japanese and Western dishes, Okinawan dishes such as island pork shabu-shabu, sea grapes, and goya chanpuru are also available. Dessert ice cream is Okinawa-born "Blue Seal" brand♪


Buffet is very fulfilling! We enjoyed Okinawa soba, taco rice, rafute, and vegetable salad unique to Okinawa.


leave the inn

Look around for souvenirs
check out

The souvenir shop called "Loisir Plaza" in the hall is one of the largest in the prefecture. Popular souvenirs such as Awamori and Ryukyu sweets are lined up in a row, along with folk crafts such as Ryukyu glass and shisa. Please stop by before checkout.


There were also apparel such as Aloha shirts, T-shirts, and sandals in the souvenir corner! There was also a convenience store and an ATM in the building, so it was convenient because I didn't have to go out.


from a well-located hotel
Departure to various sightseeing spots ♪

Leave the hotel and start sightseeing in Okinawa! About 10 minutes away by car is Kokusai Street, a downtown area perfect for shopping and lunch, and about 20 minutes away is Shurijo Castle Park, where you can feel the history of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Talk to your family about where to go.


I went to an Okinawa soba restaurant called "Tedako Soba" which is about 20 minutes by car from the hotel. It was very delicious, and there was a tatami room, so I was grateful for my children.


Return trip17:00

Enjoy Okinawan style
2 days refreshed

Enjoy two days with your family at a resort hotel where you can feel the sea breeze of Okinawa. Take a leisurely soak in the natural onsen, which are rare in the prefecture, or enjoy Ryukyu cuisine at the on-site restaurant. Why don't you go out to make wonderful memories?

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