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Residential Hotel B:Conte Asakusa

Residential Hotel Beacon Tea Saksa

Tokyo /Asakusa/Business hotel

All rooms are equipped with a kitchen and a washer/dryer. A residential hotel convenient for sightseeing in Asakusa.

About 2 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station, the hotel "B:CONTE Asakusa" is convenient for sightseeing. All guest rooms are equipped with a kitchen, and this hotel is recommended for those who love to cook, as they rent cooking utensils and sell seasonings. From some upper floors, you can see "Tokyo Sky Tree" and "Sensoji Temple" for a special stay in Asakusa. Perfect for day use, as well as medium to long term stays.


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hotel with kitchen
Two days to taste the feeling of living together

A woman who spent Christmas with her lover will introduce the course when she actually stayed at "B:CONTE Asakusa".

First day


About 7 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station to the inn

Arrive at Asakusa Station
Take a stroll along Nakamise Street

Arrive at Asakusa Station, the nearest station to the hotel. As soon as you exit the station, you will find a row of shops of various types that are full of the liveliness of Asakusa. Snack on dumplings and dorayaki at Nakamise Street, a shopping street with many popular sweets shops, for an early snack time♪



early 20s / office worker

Stayed December 2021

On the way to the hotel, there are many delicious food shops, and I bought a lot of strawberry dumplings, monjaman, jumbo melon bread, etc.



Arrive at the inn

Feel the convenience
check in

To the hotel along "Hoppy Street" lined with popular bars. There is an automatic check-in machine in the lobby with a calm atmosphere, so you can check in without waiting at the counter ◎ Choose your favorite welcome drink and sweets.


I checked in while enjoying sweets in the beautiful lobby. I also borrowed the necessary cooking utensils there.


spend time like living
All rooms with home appliances

A total of 46 rooms with an area of 22㎡ or more. The kitchen is fully equipped with tableware, a rice cooker, a refrigerator, and a drum-type washer/dryer. The bed is a 140 cm wide bed made by Serta. The space is designed so that you can spend the whole day comfortably.


We stayed in a "superior room". I wanted to have a homemade Christmas party with my boyfriend, so I decided on this hotel, which has a kitchen and cooking utensils!


About 3 minutes on foot from the inn

At "Asakusa ROX"
Shopping for dinner♪

After putting your luggage in the room, go shopping for meal. At the commercial facility "Asakusa ROX", which is about a 3-minute walk from the hotel, there is a supermarket "SEIYU" on the first basement floor, which is convenient. You can also enjoy window shopping while shopping.


I got the cake stand and ingredients from SEIYU and a nearby 100-yen shop. I also borrowed a DVD to watch after dinner at "TSUTAYA" in Asakusa ROX ^ ^


dinner in the kitchen
homemade food

There is a kitchen in the room, so you can treat him to home cooking for dinner or make it together ◎ We also have a full range of rental kitchen items such as fondue sets, gratin plates, and two-handed pots. They also sell seasonings.


Make Christmas dinner with the ingredients you bought at the supermarket! I ate steak and potato salad. There was also an oven, so the cake was also handmade. He was happy too♪



enjoy watching movies
Fall asleep while watching the night view

After dinner, relax in your room. Have a movie night on the built-in DVD player and large LCD TV. You can enjoy the night view of Asakusa, including the Tokyo Sky Tree, from the high-floor landmark view rooms.


After cooking rice in the kitchen, I watched a movie. It felt like we were living together, and it was fun♪

the 2nd day


Home cooking is also OK
Breakfast that suits your mood

For breakfast, you can make it yourself in the kitchen or buy ready-made ones. A breakfast menu is available at the restaurant “Sake no Omasu Wine & Beer Daimassubaru” on the first floor of the hotel. Choose how you want to spend your morning.


In the morning, I made pancakes with leftover cake ingredients from the previous day and ate them. Since it is an IH, you can rest assured while cooking. It was nice to be able to rent a smoothie machine ♪



leave the inn

after tea time
check out

Check out is at 11:00. After enjoying a leisurely breakfast, how about renting a coffee maker or teapot for tea time? The two of you should be able to talk calmly about your hotel stay memories.


Except for breakfast, I slept slowly and had a relaxing time.


About 2 minutes on foot from the inn

Minced meat cutlet

When you leave the hotel, it's noon when you're a little hungry. How about a mince cutlet at the popular Asakusa Menchi restaurant, where there is always a line? Enjoy the combination of crunchy outside and juicy inside.


I had Asakusa menchi at the mince cutlet shop that opened! The crunchy texture is the best ◎



stay like living
Two days of living together

Two days spent at a highly convenient hotel as if you were living with your lover. Enjoy sightseeing and shopping outside, cook food and have a party at the hotel. Would you like to enjoy a hotel stay with him as an extension of your daily life?

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2-4-2 Asakusa, Taito-Tokyo
Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station: 2 minutes on foot / Asakusa Line Asakusa Station: 7 minutes on foot / Ginza Line Asakusa Station: 6 minutes on foot
No transportation
No parking
Exclusive parking for wheelchair users only.
Facility information



  • onsen
  • Big bath
  • Open-air bath
  • Private bath
  • Free-flowing hot spring
  • sauna

Internet connection

  • Internet available


  • laundry
  • gym/fitness
  • pool indoor
  • pool
  • banquet hall
  • There is a shop
  • bar lounge


  • Esthetic
  • Massage
  • Pet friendly
  • room service
  • humidifier
  • trouser presser
  • Concierge
  • Stroller rental
  • crib
  • laundry service

guest room

  • newspaper in the room


  • Within 5 minutes from the station

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  • Hand towel/face towel
  • bath towel
  • Hairdryer
  • pajamas
  • yukata
  • Monk's working clothes
  • slipper
  • toothbrush, toothpaste
  • shampoo rinse
  • shower cap
  • Body Soap
  • comb/brush
  • face wash
  • lotion
  • latex
  • makeup remover
  • cotton
  • swab
  • razor
  • refrigerator
  • tv set
  • safe

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Other facility information

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