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The Peninsula Tokyo

The Peninsula Tokyo

Tokyo /Yurakucho/City Hotel

A superb view of the Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park from the hotel. A luxury hotel that makes you feel at home

The Peninsula is a five-star hotel that originated in Hong Kong. "The Peninsula Tokyo" is located facing the Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park, so you can spend time in a lush green environment while being in the center of the city. The hotel is fully equipped with authentic Cantonese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and other dining options, as well as a superb spa that heals the mind and body. Please visit when you want to stay home.


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at a luxury hotel
Two days to enjoy the girls-only gathering

I will introduce the course when a woman who had a girls' party with three friends actually stayed at "The Peninsula Tokyo".

First day


Arrive at the inn

Recluse start!
meet up on site

Check in with a friend at the local gathering. The lobby is a tasteful Japanese space created by designer Yukio Hashimoto. Hibiya Station and Yurakucho Station are directly connected underground, so you don't have to worry even on rainy days.



Late 20s / Freelance

Stayed November 2020

The eye-like object in the hotel lobby was impressive! There were many people with dogs, and there were many cutely dressed dogs, so I was healed.


in spacious rooms
feel elegant

There are 314 guest rooms, including 47 suites. All rooms have a dining area and a spacious dressing room and bathroom.


We had an extra bed put in our room. It's so big and fluffy that it's as good as the main bed! It was very comfortable to sleep♪



At the pool or spa
Refresh your body and mind

On the fifth floor, there is a 20m long heated pool, and a balcony with a jacuzzi offers a panoramic view of the Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park. On the same floor, there is also a spa and a 24-hour gym equipped with the latest equipment.


The three of us went to the pool. The jacuzzi zone was large, so I was able to talk slowly. Even the stairs were stylish!



About 7 minutes on foot from the inn

delicious time
Authentic French dinner

About a 7-minute walk from the inn, "Les Copins de Dominique Bouchet", located in Ginza 5-chome, is a two-Michelin-starred bistro with its main store in Paris. Food that is bright to the eye will lift your spirits.


I had a course of 6600 yen. The terrine seemed to be their pride, and the waiter showed us the terrine before it was cut, and talked to us in a friendly manner.



in your room
Relaxing girls' party

This hotel boasts that all rooms have large bathrooms. You can enjoy bath time in a luxurious mood. After taking a bath, why don't you have a girl's party in relax mode?


After dinner, go back to your room and have a chat time with the three of you. It was great that the bathroom in the room was big! After taking a relaxing bath, I went to bed ◎

the 2nd day


Choose according to your morning mood
Japanese, Western and Chinese breakfast

You can choose from Japanese, Western, and Chinese breakfast. You can have it at "The Lobby" on the 1st floor, or choose room service. Room service is available 24 hours a day, so make a reservation well in advance.


It was a set menu that you can choose from Japanese, Western, and Chinese. I ordered western pancakes, and my friends ordered Japanese and Chinese respectively. Japanese food was the most delicious.


leave the inn

while soaking in the afterglow
check out

Before checking out, you can relax in your room and check out your souvenirs. The mango pudding at the "boutique & cafe" on the first basement floor is so popular that it sells out in the morning.


After a leisurely breakfast, I chatted with my friends in the room until check-out, did my makeup, and got ready to go out.

Return trip13:00

Sometimes in a luxurious space
Change your mind♪

Two days of enjoying a hotel girls' party at a five-star hotel. Swim in the photogenic pool or chat in your room night after night. Why don't you refresh yourself with "Okomori Stay"?

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1-8-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-Tokyo
About 1 minute on foot from Hibiya Station
Shuttle service available
Parking available
6,000 yen per guest per night
Facility information
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onsen and baths


  • pool
  • indoor pool
  • Heated Pool


  • sauna
  • Beauty Salons & Massage
  • Gym/Fitness

Food & Drink

  • restaurant
  • bar
  • room service

Baby & Children

  • crib
  • Bed guard
  • Rental strollers

Room Information

  • Western-style room
  • suite
  • Internet available
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Connecting room

Other facilities within the building

  • Cleaning service


  • tv set
  • refrigerator
  • shampoo
  • Hairdryer

*Facilities and amenities displayed are those for which confirmation has been confirmed.

Other facility information

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