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Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Osaka / Osaka, Namba / City Hotels

A luxurious hotel directly connected to Nankai Namba Station with a Japanese and Western breakfast buffet against a glittering night view

Swissotel Nankai Osaka Osaka is a luxury hotel located in the center of Osaka's downtown area, Minami. From the restaurant on the top floor, which is 147 meters above the ground, you can see the sparkling night view, and all the rooms have a panoramic view of the city of Osaka. There are six Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants, a gym, an indoor pool, a sauna, an esthetic salon, and a spa, so you can stay here.


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A trip to a luxury hotel with him in downtown Osaka
Night view and relaxing stay for 2 days and 1 night

Here is a travelogue of a woman who visited Osaka with her boyfriend for her anniversary and actually stayed at "Swissotel Nankai Osaka".

First day


The inn is directly connected to Nankai Namba Station

Arrive at Nankai Namba Station
Enjoy walking around

The hotel is conveniently located right above Nankai Namba Station. You can come from "Kansai Airport Station" without changing trains on the Nankai Line. If you have a car, you can use the 24-hour parking lot. After arriving in Namba, first enjoy lunch and shopping in the area.



early 20s / office worker

Stayed in April 2022

Since the hotel is directly connected to "Nankai Namba Station", we each used the train. Dotonbori, the center of Namba, is within walking distance, so I enjoyed shopping first. I also took a picture with the signboard of Glico ^ ^


Arrive at the inn

not get wet in the rain
check in

The hotel lobby is located on the 6th floor of the building above the station, so you can access it without getting wet even in the rain. Sometimes there is live harp music in the lobby. You can also enjoy seasonal afternoon tea at "The Lounge" on the same floor.


Check-in was smooth, and I received a response that I thought was a first-class hotel, such as customer service and language. I feel noble.


A fusion of Japanese and Western
luxury room

28 of the 546 rooms are suites. The interior is a fusion of Swiss modernity and Japanese tradition, and you can see the skyline of Osaka city from every room. Executive/suite guests can also use the exclusive lounge.


We stayed in a room called "Swiss Advantage Room". We enjoyed the view and walking around the room. I took a lot of pictures in my room!


for a special anniversary
Surprise in the guest room

How about using various optional services for your anniversary? You can ask the guest room to prepare sweets, or you can receive a cake and photo service at the restaurant. Let's liven up the anniversary mood with a surprise.


When I wrote that it was my birthday when I made the reservation, I was very impressed that a cake plate was prepared in the room! I ate my birthday cake and felt happy.



in the spa or jacuzzi
time to reward yourself

After celebrating with two people, go to "Purovel Spa & Sports" on the 11th floor. Refresh your mind and body at our beauty salon, indoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and gym. The beauty salon is a natural group using organic spa products.


Enchanted by live music and night view
a sumptuous dinner

The hotel has 4 restaurants: Japanese, Chinese, Teppanyaki and buffet. For anniversaries, we recommend Table 36, located on the top floor at 147m above ground. While being intoxicated by live music and the night view, you can enjoy dishes based on the theme of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.


We had a buffet at the restaurant on the top floor. Relax and enjoy delicious food while overlooking the night view of Osaka. I was happy to have a surprise birthday dessert platter!



Cheers to celebrate an important day

After dinner, enjoy a drink in the hotel bar or in your room. Wine & Dine "Shun" has a wide selection of wines from all over the world. As an appetizer, you can enjoy creative skewers of lightly fried seasonal vegetables and seafood. Having a toast will lift your spirits.


After dinner, I had a drink with him while watching the night view from my room. I had a great time.

the 2nd day


morning bath time
Refresh body and mind

When you wake up with the morning sun streaming in from your room, take a relaxing bath. Bath amenities are natural cosmetics "Purovel". The scent is natural because it uses essential oils from Swiss flowers and trees.


I spent the morning lounging in the soft and fluffy bed of the hotel. In contrast to the night view, it was also great to see the sunrise from the guest room.


at the sky buffet
Enjoy a breakfast with a view

For breakfast, you can enjoy a Japanese and Western buffet at Table 36. In addition to a wide variety of breads, fresh Senshu vegetables and fruits procured from contract farmers, rice porridge, miso soup, grilled fish, and other Japanese dishes are also available. Enjoy breakfast in a bright venue filled with natural light.


Breakfast was also a buffet. Excited to have camembert cheese and smoked salmon! There are many types of bread, and there is also a cereal, yogurt corner, and fruit corner.



leave the inn

buy a souvenir
check out

After breakfast, why not check out hotel-made pastries and baked goods at Swiss Gourmet on the lobby floor? Colorful sweets that make your heart dance just by looking at them are great souvenirs for friends and family. Let's buy one for ourselves♪


Around the inn

Downtown "Minami"
Take a stroll with him

After checking out, go to Minami sightseeing. "Dotonbori Shopping Street" and "Ebisubashi Bridge" are within a 10-minute walk from the inn. Stroll around, enjoy shopping and eating Osaka's famous Konamon gourmet food, and make the most of your important anniversary to the end.


After checking out, we enjoyed shopping while walking along the Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street from Ebisubashi!

Return trip15:00

hang out with him
Extraordinary anniversary stay

An elegant two-day, one-night stay with a view of the nightscape from the upper floors and a luxurious dinner at a special restaurant. Why don't you celebrate your anniversary in a high-quality space while receiving heartwarming Swiss-style service?

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Osaka 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Directly connected to Nankai Namba Station Immediately from Subway Namba Station, about 35 minutes from Kansai Airport by airport limited express, about 15 minutes from JR Shin-Osaka Station
No transportation
Parking available
Parking lot open 24 hours, 3,300 yen per night
Facility information

Check in Check out

15:00 (IN) - 11:00 (OUT) etc.



  • onsen
  • Big bath
  • Open-air bath
  • sauna

Internet connection

  • Internet available


  • laundry
  • gym/fitness
  • pool
  • banquet hall
  • There is a shop
  • bar lounge


  • Esthetic
  • Massage
  • Pet friendly
  • room service
  • humidifier
  • trouser presser
  • Concierge
  • Stroller rental
  • crib
  • laundry service

guest room

  • newspaper in the room


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    • Hand towel/face towel
    • bath towel
    • Hairdryer
    • pajamas
    • yukata
    • Monk's working clothes
    • slipper
    • toothbrush, toothpaste
    • shampoo rinse
    • shower cap
    • Body Soap
    • comb/brush
    • face wash
    • lotion
    • latex
    • makeup remover
    • cotton
    • swab
    • razor
    • refrigerator
    • tv set
    • safe

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