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Kinugawa Onsen Asaya Hotel

Kinugawaonsen Asaya

Tochigi / Kinugawa, onsen / ryokan

Feel luxurious with an open-air bath and a luxurious buffet! Long-established luxury hotel in onsen

Asaya, a long-established onsen inn with over 130 years of history, stands on the banks of the Kinugawa River. The gorgeous atrium lobby, the spectacular open-air bath surrounded by the starry sky, the gorgeous breakfast buffet (buffet) in the morning and evening, and the various in-house facilities that both adults and children can enjoy are full of attractions. There are also rooms including those with open-air baths. A luxurious and fulfilling onsen trip will come true.


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A onsen trip on your wedding anniversary
2 days and 1 night stay with children

A woman who enjoyed a trip to onsen with her 1-year-old child and her family of 3 will introduce the course when she actually stayed at "Kinugawa Onsen Asaya Hotel" along with her impressions.

First day


About 10 minutes by car from onsen Station to the hotel

spread along the river
To onsen

onsen in Tochigi is onsen area along a mountain stream where you can enjoy activities such as rafting. It can be accessed from Tokyo in about 2 and a half hours by car or express train. There are free footbaths and restaurants around onsen Station, so you can enjoy a walk.



Early 40's / Cook

Stayed in February 2023

I took a trip to onsen on my wedding anniversary with my 1-year-old child. I went there by car.


Arrive at hotel

in the atrium lobby
feel elegant

It takes about 10 minutes by bus or car from onsen Station to arrive at the hotel. The atrium lobby from the 3rd floor to the 12th floor is a masterpiece, and you will feel extraordinary at once. There is also a lounge space and a pipe organ, and you can relax on the large sofa.


The hotel was standing at the entrance, and before parking, I unloaded my luggage and kept it. The family was surprised at the high-class atmosphere and hospitality.



Japanese modern room

There are 192 rooms in total. There are various types such as VIP rooms recommended for trips of three generations, rooms with open-air baths, stylish Japanese-Western rooms, and Japanese-style rooms with 10 to 12 tatami mats, so you can choose according to the number of people and the occasion. It is also attractive that you can enjoy onsen in all rooms.


Stayed in a Japanese-style room at Shuhokan. I got a reasonable room, but it's perfect size and cleanliness. There were also yukata and slippers for children, which were small and cute.


with baby
To the private bath

There are 4 paid private baths in the hotel. All baths are spacious, so you can enjoy onsen without worrying about your surroundings. The auspicious space with the theme of "Uchidashi no Kotsuchi" that grants wishes is also wonderful.


I was with a 1-year-old child, but there was a rental of baby baths, chairs, toys, etc. It was nice to be able to relax and have fun with my family.



Table tennis and games too!
Let's play a lot in the hall

There are plenty of facilities inside the facility that both adults and children can enjoy, such as a game corner with a UFO catcher and a table tennis table, six large and small karaoke rooms, a kids room with playground equipment, and an outdoor pool that is only available in summer! You can play plenty of free time.


Take a walk around the building and take pictures. The kids room was great for a one-year-old child to enjoy. There were slides, kitchen sets, blocks, coloring pages, etc.



About 100 types of Japanese, Western, and Chinese
sumptuous dinner buffet

For dinner, you can choose from a buffet (buffet) at the restaurant, or kaiseki cuisine at a private restaurant or Japanese dining room. The buffet is luxurious and rich in items such as freshly grilled steak, kiln-baked pizza, hot pot for one person, and sweets! Both adults and children can enjoy it.


I had the buffet. The crab was big, full of meat and delicious. Baby chairs and aprons were also available.



full of openness
Floating garden open-air bath

The view from the Kuchu Teien Open-air Bath on the 13th floor is outstanding. You can enjoy the scenery and onsen in various baths, such as baths using boats that go down the Kinugawa River, standing baths, and lying down baths. The bathhouse is divided into a south side and a north side, and the men's and women's baths are alternated, so you can take a bath