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Hotel Monterey Osaka

Hotel Montreo Osaka

Osaka / Osaka, Umeda / City Hotels

An elegant stay in an elegant room. A foreign-style hotel with easy access from Osaka Station

"Hotel Monterey Osaka" has a classical atmosphere inspired by Vienna. The antique-style rooms are perfect for hotel girls' nights out and holiday parties. It's also conveniently located about a 5-minute walk from the Sakurabashi Exit of JR Osaka Station.The breakfast is served buffet style with French croissants and homemade tofu. You can spend the morning in style.


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Elegance at a stylish hotel♪
2 days and 1 night with friends

SHIHO, who traveled to Osaka with his female friend, will introduce the course when he actually stayed at "Hotel Monterey Osaka".

First day


About 5 minutes on foot from JR Osaka Station to the inn

In bustling Umeda, Osaka
Girls trip start!

Umeda is the center of Kita, Osaka. "HEP FIVE" and "GRAND FRONT OSAKA" gather, and there are plenty of highlights such as shopping and gourmet food! It's the perfect destination for a girls' trip. The hotel is about a 5-minute walk from JR Osaka Station, so access is easy.



early 20s / university student

Stayed in August 2021

I got off at Hankyu Osaka Umeda station and walked! I bought a drink at "Starbucks" in front of the hotel, and I bought donuts in the basement of Umeda.


Arrive at the inn

sophisticated overseas style
Charming atmosphere

"Hotel Monterey Osaka" is attractive because of its antique feel that is inspired by Vienna. The interior as well as the exterior has an elegant atmosphere. The beautiful staircase has become a popular photo spot for Instagrammable ♪


From the entrance of the hotel to the lobby to the courtyard, it has a European style, and everywhere has become a photo spot! The front desk was also very cute.



Relax in your room

Rooms range from twins to triples to superior rooms. All of them have a classical atmosphere, but the Danube Classic is especially popular with women. The furnishings are decorated in blue, white, and gold, creating a sense of luxury.


I stayed in a cute twin room with light blue walls!



in sweets
petit party

Why don't you buy sweets to eat in your room and have a small party? You can rent tableware at the front desk. With the "Anniversary Plate & Balloon Plan", you can decorate your room gorgeously.


We had a party with donuts, canelés, and Starbucks drinks, and took pictures in our pajamas.



French for dinner
Enjoy Japanese food

There are 2 restaurants on site. Let's have dinner at "French Cuisine Escale" or "Japanese Cuisine Zuientei". Also, there are many restaurants around the hotel, so even if you use eating out or delivery ◎


We did Uber Eats and had Korean chicken in our room!


in simple pajamas
night time to spend

Relaxing without makeup after taking a bath is unique to a girls' trip♪Let's take it easy in separate pajamas. There is also a plan that includes "DHC" sheet masks and skin care sets as amenities.

the 2nd day


the morning walk
in a nice courtyard

Take a walk in the courtyard while enjoying the fresh morning air. There is also a beautiful chapel on the premises that reproduces a Belgian church.


After a good night's sleep, I went to the courtyard and other places to take pictures in the morning!



“female friendly”
Japanese and Western buffet breakfast

For breakfast, enjoy a Japanese and Western buffet at the banquet hall. With the concept of “female-friendly”, there are many variations such as danishes, croissants, simmered domestic vegetables, and grilled fish!


leave the inn

an elegant atmosphere
savor to the end

"Hotel Monterey Osaka" is full of extraordinary feeling, and the elevators are full of antiques. Be sure to capture it on camera before checking out.


About 10 minutes on foot from the inn

when you leave the hotel
Go to lunch

Since its opening in 2013, "Grand Front Osaka" has been bustling with people. Enjoy shopping and gourmet food at one of the largest commercial facilities in Japan. You can play with your friends all day long.


We had lunch at "Grand Front Osaka".

Return trip14:00

Refresh complete!
lovely girls trip

Why don't you spend an elegant time at a hotel where you can feel like you're on vacation without having to travel far? "Hotel Monterey Osaka" is attractive for its extraordinary feeling. It is perfect for hotel girls-only gatherings, parties, and occasions.

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luxury lodging

Accommodation in Umeda recommended for girls' trips


Osaka Osaka-shi Kita-ku Umeda 3-3-45
7-minute walk from JR Osaka Station Sakurabashi Exit/5-minute walk from Osaka Metro Nishi-Umeda Station/Hanshin Umeda Station/Directly connected to the underground passage (exit 6-30)
No transportation
Parking available
Underground and multi-level parking available. Paid from check-in time to check-out time.
Facility information



  • onsen
  • Big bath
  • Open-air bath
  • sauna

Internet connection

  • Internet available


  • laundry
  • gym/fitness
  • pool
  • banquet hall
  • There is a shop
  • bar lounge


  • Esthetic
  • Massage
  • Pet friendly
  • room service
  • humidifier
  • trouser presser
  • Concierge
  • Stroller rental
  • crib
  • laundry service

guest room

  • newspaper in the room


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    • Hand towel/face towel
    • bath towel
    • Hairdryer
    • pajamas
    • yukata
    • Monk's working clothes
    • slipper
    • toothbrush, toothpaste
    • shampoo rinse
    • shower cap
    • Body Soap
    • comb/brush
    • face wash
    • lotion
    • latex
    • makeup remover
    • cotton
    • swab
    • razor
    • refrigerator
    • tv set
    • safe

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    Other facility information

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